Foreign Scammers Nab Massive Amounts Of Stimulus Cash

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Many people criticized the government’s response to the COVID panic. Instead of urging caution and merely educating the public on how to stay safe, most states shut down their economies, sending millions to the unemployment line. The federal government did what they did best: blow through tax dollars like drunk prom kids with daddy’s credit card.

But it was to save the country, right? How many Americans preferred getting small unemployment checks over going to work? How many Americans were happy to see their kids’ educations take a back seat, as the government twiddled its thumbs and spread more fear and hysteria?

Oh, and get this: a significant portion of the “relief” funds had been stolen by con artists. We learned that scammers took millions from the Paycheck Protection Program—money meant to keep small businesses afloat. But that was apparently only the tip of the iceberg. Because, as you can expect, COVID relief was handled so poorly, that billions—BILLIONS—were stolen by scammers overseas.

Scammers, some overseas, have fleeced American workers out of more than $36 billion in emergency unemployment funds — a huge portion of the $900 billion that flooded into the economy as a result of the CARES coronavirus relief act passed in April…

“Most of the theft has focused on Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, a temporary program created by the federal CARES Act in March. It offers unemployment benefits to workers who don’t ordinarily qualify, like the self-employed, gig workers, freelancers, contractors, and part-timers,” CNBC added.

The CARES Act allowed for $360 billion to flow into the federal supplemental unemployment benefit program. The Office of the Inspector General for the Department of Labor estimates that at least 10% of that money was lost to scammers — “perhaps more than $10,000 or $20,000 per fraudulent claim.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Because COVID relief was rushed out and not properly thought-run, the government did not put into place any measures to safeguard the money. The PPP lost millions to liars and quickly ran out of money. Now, we are learning that $36 billion meant for “gig workers” (i.e., uber drivers and the self-employed) went to people living overseas.

Um… does the government have any idea what it’s doing? How does money meant for AMERICANS end up in foreign bank accounts? You have to give your address to apply for money, right? Were all these scammers claiming to live in America? Can’t the U.S. GOVERNMENT verify a person’s identity?

I can’t order a pair of shoes online without verifying where I live. Yet these crooks were able to steal tens of billions of dollars—and the government just gave it to them. What’s worse is that because the money ended up overseas, there is little chance the government can actually find these crooks, prosecute them, and get the money back.

Now, Congress has dumped even more cash into this program, but assures us that better security will be used during the application process. Are you buying that? If they didn’t get it right the first time, what makes us convinced they will get it right now?

Yet more proof that our salvation does not come from Washington, D.C.

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