2020 Candidate Pulls Illegal Stunt At U.S Border

Photo Via NBC News

Democrat presidential hopeful and former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julián Castro attempted to aid a group of illegals by helping them circumvent the United states immigration system.

On Monday, Castro traveled to the Brownsville, Texas, region of the southern border where he escorted 13 migrants in Mexico to U.S. Border Patrol agents in an effort to get them released into the interior of the country while their asylum claims were adjudicated. Castro’s efforts however were to no avail, however, as his failure landed all 13 migrants back in Mexico.

The Texas Civil Rights Project confirmed that all the migrants escorted to the border by Castro were returned to Mexico as part of President Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy. Castro said the migrants identify as “members of the LGTBQ community” who have been “beat up,” and one is disabled.

“We presented them to these border agents and said that they should not be … they should not be in Mexico,” Castro said.

“The Trump administration has chosen cruelty,” Castro said. In a separate post, Castro accused Trump of purposefully “killing people.”

“For Donald Trump, the cruelty is the point. His immigration agenda has created the conditions on our border—conditions only bound to get worse. We are better than this,” Castro tweeted.

“What I saw in across the border in Matamoros, Mexico is a national embarrassment—one entirely of Trump’s creation. Make no mistake: his agenda is killing people—and it’s on purpose,” Castro continued.

Roberto Alejandro Lopez with the Texas Civil Rights Project tweeted: “Right now we’re moving by the embankment where those waiting in Mexico go to bath in the river. @danimarr94 is pointing out the port courts where migrants speak to teleconferenced judges, without attorneys. This process is a sham.”

As Castro began attempting to escort the illegals into the U.S. the Texas Civil Rights Project kept everyone updated, tweeting out about the obvious publicity stunt and suggesting that the immigrants were their “clients.”

“The scene right now at the international bridge in Brownsville. @JulianCastro is ready to escort our group of clients to request an exemption under the “Remain in Mexico” policy. Every day of delays is another day where our clients are in extreme danger. #LetThemIn”

“@JulianCastro is speaking to CBP officials right now. Agents went back into their offices. We are waiting to hear back if our clients will be allowed into the United States to pursue their asylum cases. #LetThemIn”

Castro, a proponent of open borders who would let anybody in for any reason (who needs border security right?) has made it his campaign strategy to end Trump’s “Remain in Mexico” policy where, rather than border crossers being released into the U.S. so long as they claim asylum, they now must wait in Mexico while their claims are adjudicated.

The policy has been rather effective and has played a pivotal role in preventing mass fraud of the asylum system, as Breitbart News has reported.

As of August, for instance, none of the 1,200 migrants who were waiting in Mexico for asylum in the U.S. had been found to be eligible. Before the policy was implemented, those border crossers would have been released into the interior of the country, forcing federal immigration officials to then find, detain, and deport them after being deemed ineligible for asylum.

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