ACB Jumps Head First Into SCOTUS – Immediately Takes New Cases

Despite empty threats from powerless Democrats, Donald Trump and Republican senators added a new justice to the Supreme Court. Respected judge Amy Coney Barrett has replaced the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg. Democrats tried everything to discredit and block this process, but Barrett was confirmed last night. Now, she and a conservative Supreme Court will decision numerous landmark cases.

The day Democrats have feared since 2016 has finally arrived. Thanks to Donald Trump, the Supreme Court has a strong, conservative majority. Constitutional, Republican-appointed justices outnumber left-wing members of the court, 6-3. This means that even “swing” voter John Roberts can’t derail cases with his late-minute flips. This spells doom for any scheme Democrats try to push onto the American people through the courts.

For decades, the left has forced their agenda through the courts. Even with issues the majority of Americans are against, Democrats have abused the power of the courts—especially the Supreme Court—to get their way. It’s almost as if Democrats hate democracy and want to rule like dictators.

But with Trump’s third Supreme Court pick, the court has a Constitutionally-minded majority. These justices won’t act like left-wing activists. Instead, they will uphold the Constitution as written and reject any attempts to force progressive policies onto the public.

With Amy Coney Barrett confirmed last night, the full court will face numerous important cases in the coming days. Some of them might even impact the election.

Already, the Supreme Court has begun to consider cases involving the 2020 elections…

On November 10, the Supreme Court will hear Texas v. California. The case will consider several different issues, including whether the individual mandate of Obamacare is unconstitutional once its value has been set to zero by Congress…

On November 30, the Court will hear Trump v. New York, a challenge brought by Democrat-governed states to the Trump administration’s decision to issue a memorandum describing the number of non-citizens living in each state so that the president can limit the apportionment of seats in the House of Representatives to exclude illegal aliens. [Source: Breitbart]

Some of the biggest cases the court will decide in the coming days related to mail-in ballots. The court has already ruled to block several attempts by Democrats in various states to extend ballot-counting well beyond Election Day, a scheme known as ballot harvesting. In one case, the court was deadlocked when Roberts once again flipped. But that 4-4 ruling will certainly be corrected, now that they have a ninth justice.

The next landmark case will come after the election, on November 10. The state of Texas is suing to challenge the Constitutional authority of Obamacare. Now that the “individual mandate” has been eliminated, Republicans are arguing that the entire program—rushed through Congress during the Obama administration—is simply un-Constitutional.

While some experts are arguing the court is unlikely to overturn the program, it is very likely that this ruling can make a significant impact on the future of the country’s approach to health care. With conservatives controlling the court, we can be confident that the left’s radical plans for socialized health care will not succeed.

Other cases relate to how many seats can be added to the House. Democrats want to use the population of illegal immigrants to inflate the number of representatives in Congress. Trump moved to block that. A court case will determine the fate of this conflict. Another case concerns Democrats’ attempts to get their hands on grand jury evidence from the Mueller probe. They still think they can find dirt on Trump, even after the election. The Supreme Court will decide this in December.

And that is only the tip of the iceberg. In the coming months and years, major cases will be brought before the highest court in the land. But instead of radical progressive reinterpreting the law, there will be principled justices who will uphold the Constitution.

Which is why Democrats are so mad.

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