After Biden Finally ‘Condemns’ Anarchy — Trump Gives Epic Response

For months, radical anarchists have been rioting, looting, and destroying cities across America. The only response we’ve seen from the left has been weak and shocking. Media outlets called it “peaceful protests.” Democrats ignored the violence, deciding instead to condemn police departments, stripping them of funding. Only recently has Joe Biden issued a statement calling for an end to violence. During his RNC speech, Trump blasted Biden over it.

Democrats totally miscalculated the Summer riots. Apparently, they assumed Americans would be on the side of violent protesters who looted stores, due to a few instances when cops shot a black man. It never occurred to Democrats that Americans would want justice for acts of police brutality, but still be against riots that have destroyed their livelihoods.

Americans are especially opposed to the idea of “defunding police departments.” An overwhelming majority of Americans (including black Americans) want more cops on the streets. Yet Democrats have ignored the will of the people to slash the budgets of numerous PDs in cities across the country.

For nearly four months, Black Lives Matter and Antifa have been running wild in cities coast to coast. Democrat governors and mayors have done nothing. And Washington Democrats have gone as far as to claim the violence is a myth.

But something must have changed. Recently a few Democrats have come out saying the violence must end. After four months of chaos, some liberal leaders—including Joe Biden—finally are condemning the riots. Although, they aren’t doing much more than that.

Donald Trump isn’t impressed by this sudden change of heart. And he’s telling Joe what he really thinks of it.

President Donald Trump took aim at Joe Biden on Thursday during his Republican National Convention speech, mocking the former vice president’s attempt to condemn ongoing leftist violence.

“Joe Biden and his supporters remained completely silent about the rioters and criminals spreading mayhem in Democrat-run cities. They never even mentioned it during their entire convention,” Trump said…

“Now, they’re starting to mention it because their poll numbers are going down like a rock in water,” Trump said. “Too late, Joe.” [Source: Breitbart]

Several media outlets have refused to release polls since the DNC. Some have speculated that they don’t want Americans to know just how badly Biden and the Democrats are polling. Even with their biased, distorted polling methods, Democrats can’t make themselves out to be the winners.

There are many reasons for that. But perhaps the biggest has been their stance on the riots. Democrats have applauded violence that is destroying homes, businesses, and lives. They are suddenly realizing that an anti-law and order platform won’t win over a single American.

Joe’s condemnation of violence recently doesn’t change that since May, Democrats have allowed criminals to run loose in their cities.

In contrast, Trump has both condemned acts of police brutality, while calling for an end to riots. He has used federal law enforcement to protect historic monuments and federal property. He has offered aid to governors and mayors, most of them rejected it.

Only now are Democrats realizing that “Gee, maybe most Americans don’t want their cities destroyed by evil Marxists!” What a thought!

But what is Joe really doing to curtail the violence? Is he embracing the police? Is he urging local leaders to send in SWAT or the National Guard? Of course not, because that would mean he’s turning on the very people Democrats were using for their agenda. BLM and Antifa are only doing what Democrats wanted them to do.

For months, liberals have encouraged their actions. For Biden to now attack them would derail his support from the far-left.

So, no matter what he does, he’s done for. Can’t say I’m sorry about it.

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