After Congress Refuses To Help Americans – Trump Takes Over

The administration has discussed for months providing additional relief to Americans impacted by the COVID panic. Congress has tried to work out a new package to fulfill Trump’s wishes, focusing on more checks to Americans and support for small businesses. Democrats, as usual, have been blocking efforts—demanding money for states and their leftist allies. Faced with insurmountable gridlock, Trump took matters into his hands.

Republicans in Congress have been talking about a new relief bill for months. Trump’s administration wants to focus on getting Americans back to work, by cutting the payroll tax, providing more loans to small businesses, and jumpstarting the economy by sending more money directly to Americans.

Who can argue with an American-focused recovery like that? Democrats, that’s who. Progressive on a new relief package has met resistance from Democrat leaders Sen. Schumer and Rep. Pelosi. They refuse to support any kind of package, unless it provides trillions for failed blue states and bailout for the rich.

That’s rich, Democrats want to ignore the pain and suffering millions of regular Americans are facing, to help rich Democrats and liberal states swimming in debt.

President Trump has had enough. He just signed four measures to get relief to Americans.

During a press conference on Saturday, Trump said he was taking several executive actions, including establishing a payroll tax holiday for workers who earn less than $100,000 per year, protecting renters from evictions, and expanding unemployment benefits by $400 per week — 25% which would be covered by states…

“We’re doing that without the Democrats,” Trump said of the $400 weekly unemployment boost. “We should have been able to do it very easily with them, but they want all of these additional things that have nothing to do with helping people.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The Democrats’ solution is just more socialism, wrapped in a “relief” package. They want to expand unemployment—ensuring more Americans won’t be motivated to get back into the workforce. They want to expand government-backed health care options, instead of providing competition for Americans.

As usual, the Democrats tried to stuff their bill full of funding for unrelated causes. Pelosi has tried to send millions to arts foundations and other liberal pet projects. She also wants to send trillions to Democrats states as “COVID relief.” The problem? These states have been in debt for years, thanks to reckless spending and bad policy.

President Trump’s agenda has always been about putting Americans first. He wants to put money in regular people’s pockets, so they can put food on the table and support their local businesses. He wants to make sure small businesses can weather the storm and stay alive. He wants children back in schools—with school choice available if the corrupt teachers’ unions refuse to work.

The Democrats have always seen the COVID panic as an excuse to force their agenda. They want bigger government, higher taxes, fewer jobs, and more people dependent on them. Never mind the fact that many of their radical policies are hated by most people (re: Defund the police). Because of the crisis, they thought they could shove it all down our throats.

The only problem? Donald Trump is the president. From day one of the pandemic, he has taken a route that protects Americans and prevents the federal government from gobbling up more power. His latest plan is to get Americans working again (which has been working, as July added another million people back to the workforce) while helping those infected.

Democrats seem utterly blind to the real problems. They only see dollar signs, instead of Americans suffering and out of work. They continue to push an agenda that only helps them and their rich allies.

Already they want to block Trump’s measures. Good job, Dems, sue to block Americans from earning more money!

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