After Leftist Governor Closes Popular Local Business – They Pulled a Brilliant Move

Even though the virus is well on its way out, most liberal-run states continue to push unreasonable lockdowns. They have effectively ensured that millions of Americans will lose their businesses and livelihoods. Gym owners in New Jersey have continued to battle their Democrat governor over the reopening of their gym. The governor refused to budge. Now, they pulled a brilliant move.

You really have to hand it to governors like Gavin Newsom, Gretchen Whitmer, Andrew Cuomo, or Phil Murphy. These Democrats have one thing in common: they are pushing policies based simply out of spite.

The data clearly proves that forced lockdowns have done nothing to “slow the spread” of a virus that I’m tired of naming. Southern states reopened in May, saw a spike in June, and rode the wave successfully without going back into lockdown. Texas, Arizona, and Florida are seeing cases drop (deaths never spiked), without resorting to cruel, un-Constructional, and—may I say—evil lockdowns.

But Democrat governors appear to love hurting their own residents. In New Jersey, the incompetent governor has been waging a war with a single gym. Atilis Gym would be bankrupt, had they not reopened in the Summer. Like so many other businesses, they can’t provide alternative services during an illegal lockdown. So, they defied the governor’s order and reopened their gym.

The governor made a point to single out these men, going as far as to arrest them and even shut down their gym for good. But the owners refused to budge. In fact, they just came up with a plan that will really tick off the governor.

I say, great.

Ian Smith and Frank Trumbetti, who co-own Atilis Gym in New Jersey, have partnered with a U.S. Senate candidate to declare their gym an official campaign rally location in another bid to evade forced closure amid the pandemic.

Smith, Trumbetti, and Republican Rick Mehta, who is challenging Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), appeared Sunday on Fox News to announce their plan to keep Atilis open, at least through Nov. 3. Smith and Trumbetti have been fighting Democratic New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy’s coronavirus regulations for months in an effort to save their business.

“We took a stand for our constitutional rights and for the rights of all small business owners throughout the country,” Smith said. [Source: Daily Wire]

The gym owners are partnering with a Republican running for Senate and making their gym a campaign location. The men said they didn’t want to get “political”; they just wanted to open their gym. But they accused Gov. Murphy of turning it political, even after they tried to find reasonable solutions to keep their business alive.

In numerous other states, businesses like gyms have been able to reopen, even with measures to prevent the spread of sickness. If it works in states like Texas, why can’t it work in New Jersey? Does the virus spread so differently a few miles North? I think you know the answer to those questions.

This is no longer about “protecting” people from a virus. It never really was. This is about incompetent, corrupt, power-hungry Democrats who want to starve their economies, thinking it will hurt Donald Trump. They are really willing to destroy local businesses (and lose tax revenue), just because of petty politics.

These are the same Democrats who, while preventing churches or gyms from opening, let radical anarchists riot in the streets. Every last Democrat governor who arrested a pastor or business owner applauded protests with zero social distancing or masks. They ignored violence and destruction, calling it “peaceful.” And they promise to defund police, so that more violence will spread.

The residents of New Jersey ought to pay attention to Ian and Frank. They are fighting to expose the injustice of their crooked governor. Hopefully, Murphy won’t be in office for much longer.

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