After Schumer Blames Trump Team For Coronavirus Bill Delay – It Turns Out Pelosi’s Mistake Is Holding It Up

By Adam Casalino March 17th, 2020 | Image Source: The Hill

Democrats really want you to think they have everything figured out.

From the start of the coronavirus situation, they have attacked the president.

(Even though they weren’t the ones closing the border to China back in January, we’re they?)

Liberals in D.C. to Joe and Bernie on the debate stage have tried to pin the blame on this problem on Trump. They never stop to admit this started, thanks to China dropping the ball.

In fact, Chuck Schumer pointed his finger at Senate Republicans, suggesting they are delaying the passage of new legislation.

From Twitter:

The #FamiliesFirst Coronavirus Response Act will unlock billions for New York to contain the virus’s spread, cover mounting costs, and to go at the virus with full force.

Senator Mitch McConnell and Republicans must pass this coronavirus legislation as-is IMMEDIATELY.

Last week, the House passed a bill aimed at bringing relief during this outbreak. Even President Trump signaled his support.

Right out of the gate, Schumer is trying to make it seem like Mitch McConnell and Republicans don’t want to pass it.

But… wait a minute, it looks like Pelosi herself made a blunder.

From Twitter:

Schumer and Pelosi are going to have an awkward conversation about this.

Pelosi’s team has to bring up a technical correction on Monday and re-pass it. Schumer is trying to attack Republicans for not passing the un-corrected bill.

Awkward all around.

Pelosi was tasked to provide a clear and straightforward bill to provide relief during this situation.

But it looks like she can’t even do that, as the Families First bill had a technical error that needed to be addressed.

They have to fix it then vote on it again before it can go to the Senate. Yet Schumer is shooting his mouth off, blaming Republicans.

Can’t Democrats do anything right? These are the same people who want to take back the White House, Senate, and keep the House.

Yet when faced with a real problem, they fumble the ball.

But no! It’s all Trump’s fault, eh guys?

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot Journal: After Schumer Blames Trump Team For Corona Bill Delay – It Turns Out Pelosi’s Mistake Is Holding It Up

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