AG Barr Ambushes Rioters With Revolutionary New Tactic

For months, Americans had to sit and watch as Democrats let violent rioters torch their cities. Black Lives Matter, Antifa, and other anarchists openly declared what they wanted: to overthrow the United States. Countless businesses, homes, and communities were destroyed—with damage in the billions. Now, a new report suggests the attorney general is holding nothing back against these rioters.

The mainstream media wanted you to think all those riots from Los Angeles to New York were just “peaceful protests” over the death of one man. Very quickly, though, we found out they were lying. These “protesters” targeted government buildings, shopping centers, churches, and housing, setting them on fire. They tore down historic statues and vandalized the Lincoln Memorial. They took over sections of cities and invaded suburban neighborhoods, dragging around guillotines.

These weren’t peaceful protests but violent riots by anarchists who hate America. The groups behind it (backed by Democrats) openly called for the overthrow of our way of life, traditions, and even democracy.
Some recent reports revealed the damage is as high as $2 billion dollars. We know that many businesses will never recover.

To the shock of millions, local Democrat leaders refused to arrest and prosecute these madmen. President Trump called for a restoration of law and order, but was largely ignored. Only after it seemed they suffered in the polls, did some Democrats “condemn” the violence (but they still did nothing to stop it).

It’s taken the efforts of the president, the DOJ, and other federal law enforcement to end the nightmare (though it still rages in places like Portland). And now, the attorney general has plans for all those thugs who wanted to burn America to the ground.

Attorney General Bill Barr has told federal prosecutors to consider charging violent protesters with sedition and other criminal statutes, according to a report…

During the call, the news outlet reported that Barr told prosecutors to “be aggressive,” to include potentially charging suspects with plotting the overthrow the U.S. government.

The pertinent statute would fall under the U.S. Code section that deals with seditious conspiracy. [Source: Just the News]

According to this new report, AG Barr directed U.S. attorneys to charge these rioters with the very strictest measures imaginable. He wanted them charged with “sedition” which is an attempt to “overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force the Government of the United States.”

I think we can agree these rioters were doing just that. In Seattle they set up an “autonomous zone,” a region they believed was immune to U.S. law. Two people died as a result. Black Lives Matter calls itself a Marxist group that wants to eliminate our democracy. Antifa has frequently called for the overthrow of the government.

What we’ve seen over the last three months has been a concerted effort by a few groups to dismantle and disrupt our way of life. It was very clearly sedition. The only reason it was allowed to go on for so long was because Democrat mayors, governors, and police chiefs let it.

I would go one step further and say those leaders who refused to act should be charged as well. All of them took vows to protect citizens and uphold the Constitution. But they sat by as violent radicals torched buildings, looted stores, and beat up innocent bystanders. Democrats who refused to end the riots are just as responsible as the people throwing the firebombs.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn the DOJ is going after them as well.

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