AG Barr Delivers Startling Update To Covert Trump Operation

Democrats across the country defunded their police departments, just as violent riots broke out nationwide. This defunding led to a record Summer of violent crime, with shootings and murders skyrocketing in major cities. President Trump and the DOJ organized “Operation Legend,” a federal government effort to combat this surge. And now, thanks solely to Trump, Chicago is seeing a change.

Is there anyone stupider than the mayor of Chicago? Probably the mayors of New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle, and D.C. But Mayor Lightfoot just might be the worst. Why? Because even as her city witnessed unprecedented levels of crime, she refused to let the president intervene.

All over the country, Democrats have sat back and let rioters call the shots. They called these criminals “peaceful protesters” even as they burned down cities and looted businesses. In Chicago, crime and murder skyrocketed. What did the mayor blame it on? A lack of gun control laws.

Are you serious!?

(In case you didn’t know, Chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the country.)

The surge in Summer crime was too much for Trump to ignore. He called on city leaders to accept his offer of support. Most of them declined. Only after it was too much for her, did Mayor Lightfoot kind of, sort of, asked Trump’s federal law enforcement to intervene.

Now, thanks to Operation Legend, the murder rate in Chicago has been cut nearly in half.

The federal government through Operation Legend has “reversed” Chicago’s surge in violence, making more than 500 arrests and charging 124 people with federal criminal charges since it started, officials announced.

U.S. Attorney General William Barr said during a Wednesday morning press conference in the Windy City that the federal program had helped decrease Chicago’s murder rate to the lowest it’s been “at any time” since April, cutting the rate “roughly in half since before the operation.”

“The results of those actions speak for themselves: over the first five weeks of Operation Legend in Chicago, murders dropped by 50% over the previous five weeks. August ultimately saw a 45% decrease in murders compared to July, and a 35% decrease compared to June,” he said. [Source: Fox News]

It’s sad that it took a federal task force to rein in murders, but when things get this bad you don’t just ignore it.

It seems the mayor of Chicago was happy to ignore this steady rise in crime, which began even before the COVID lockdowns and racial riots. When it got too bad to ignore, Trump called for action. Only through the efforts of federal authorities have we seen a drop in death.

Notice how it took the federal government just a few months to reverse the trend. Sure, they had to arrest a whopping 500 people and make 124 charges, but it worked.

Nothing that they did appears to be outside what local police officers could—and should—have done. They just had the ability to do so, because the Attorney General and the president, wasn’t tying their hands.

Crime got so out of control, thanks to radical leftist policies by the city. This is true in many blue cities. They are putting criminals ahead of citizens. Weak laws put crooks back on the streets. Low support for the cops means they get less funding, training, and equipment—all of which lead to more crime. Democrats aren’t interested in making police departments better, so you get higher crime rates, more instances of police brutality, and more murders.

This trend will continue everywhere, so long as Democrats run the show. Only after law and order candidates are elected to office, will these crime surges end for good.

But for that to happen, the people of Chicago (and New York, Seattle, LA, D.C., and so on) need to wake up.

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