All Evidence Points To Loretta Lynch Lying

By MAGA Student March 16th, 2019 | Image Source: MAGAVoter

It appears former Attorney General Loretta Lynch was lying about the DOJ’s role in the Clinton Probe.

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During the Clinton probe, even after her infamous tarmac meeting, Loretta Lynch claimed to be nothing more than a neutral party in the Clinton probe that would take the advice of James Comey.

However, we now know this flies in the face of ex-FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s testimony, who revealed the exact opposite – that the FBI was instructed by the Lynch led DOJ to not indict Hillary.

After President Trump’s victory, Loretta Lynch did not do much to hide her hyper-partisan true feelings, releasing this video calling for marching and blood in the name of anti-Trump resistance.

From WND

Ex-Attorney General Loretta Lynch famously announced confidently, when that little matter of her meeting with the husband of an FBI investigation target came up, that she would let the FBI decide whether Hillary Clinton was charged for her “extremely careless” handling of classified national secrets.

That, now, is being questioned.

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