Americans Deliver Bombshell To China

For years, Donald Trump has urged us to stop relying on foreign countries. Many in the media ignored him. Then, a pandemic hit our shores. Suddenly, relying on China and other nations became a very real detriment. Now, a new poll reveals just what Americans think about the future of our economy.

For decades, Americans had to sit back and watch jobs bleed overseas. Thanks to policies enacted by the Clinton administration, companies shut down factories in the U.S., moving them to China and parts beyond. It had a devastating impact on cities across America. But it just became normal.

By now, most of our products are produced overseas. China has gotten rich off our economy. President Trump has spoken frequently about ending our reliance on China and other nations. He has fought to bring back jobs to our country and level the field by imposing strict tariffs.

His critics fought back, panicking every time Trump passed a tariff on China. It’s almost, as if, these Americans cared more about China than they did about their own country. But the president was not deterred in his goal to end America’s reliance on foreign manufacturing.

Then, COVID-19 happened. All of a sudden, relying on China for our products—especially medicine and medical equipment—was a liability. China was hoarding goods. On top of that, they were threatening to cut off the U.S. from their medical supplies. Add to that the difficultly of moving cargo during a pandemic, Americans realized what a mess we were in.

And now, many are reconsidering our current situation.

Up to 94 percent of American voters say they want an economic nationalist overhaul of the United States’ economy in the wake of the Chinese coronavirus crisis, a survey reveals…

American voters overwhelmingly want economic nationalist policies implemented — including more tariffs on foreign imports, mandatory country-of-origin labeling, and a requirement that goods be made in the U.S…

Likewise, 76 percent of Americans said they are willing to pay 5 percent to 100 percent more for U.S.-made products over products made overseas. Just 24 percent said they are not willing to pay more money for U.S.-made products. [Source: Breitbart]

Well, well, well look at that! A whopping 94 PERCENT of voters want the United States to move to a nationalist economy. That means they want more goods made in here, with tariffs on imported goods so our companies can compete fairly.

They even had an eye-opening report that every companies needs to see. A huge majority of Americans, 76 percent, are willing to pay 5 to 100 percent more for an American-made product over a product made overseas. That is huge. Most companies try to justify cheaply made Chinese garbage, claiming Americans wouldn’t pay more for a quality product made here.

That’s nonsense, according to this poll. Most people are willing to pay a little bit more, to know that their goods come from American sources (and are quality). Knowing that their money is going to boost our economy and help American jobs is enough for many to pay a bit more (or a lot more).

Companies that ignore that do so, not because they’re worried about rising prices, but because they want to maximize their own profits. Globalists have shipped jobs off to China, because they want to line their own pockets with billions. They’re not too interested in providing good jobs for American workers.

But since the outbreak, Americans are changing their minds. Why shouldn’t we have more manufacturing here, both to provide jobs and to make sure we’re no longer dependent on a country like China?

China has made it very clear that they don’t care about us—or anyone else. When the chips are down, they only care about themselves. We can’t afford to keep doing business with them, like we’ve done in the past. We have to put our people first.

And it looks like most of America agrees with me.

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