Americans Strike Back After Democrats Slash Police Funding

Since May, numerous Democrats have backed a plan to defund or outright abolish police departments. Already in cities like New York, this plan has resulted in a massive surge in shootings and violent crime. Yet Democrats continue with these plans, in a pathetic ploy to win over black voters. This is what Americans have been doing in response.

You still might be wondering how Democrats could have been so stupid to support an idea like defunding the police. There’s an easy answer for that: they’re idiots. Yes, I know that appears overly simplistic. But we have seen in recent years the insanely dumb things Democrats do, if they think it will give them an edge over Trump.

Keep in mind, this idiotic plan to defund the police came after Joe Biden said, “you ain’t black” to black Trump supporters. All the upheaval and chaos is the result of Democrats trying to distract the public from Joe Biden’s horrible comment. And the pathetic attempt to eliminate cops is their plan to convince black people to vote for their party in November.

Already we’ve seen it backfire. Americans of all races do not want their cops defunded. And they’ve been speaking out in more ways than one.

Citizens across the nation are showing their support for law enforcement officers amid calls to defund the police.

More than 1,000 people gathered in Wantagh, New York, Sunday to express their appreciation for law enforcement…

In Mansfield, Ohio, members of the Back the Blue Central Ohio Facebook group organized a rally Sunday to support law enforcement outside a restaurant where two officers were allegedly refused service last week…

In Omaha, Nebraska, an hourlong Back the Blue rally will take place Saturday at Memorial Park, according to the Omaha World-Herald. [Source: Breitbart]

Since Democrats have been calling to defund the police, there has been a growing movement among Americans to show support for PDs. But it’s not stopping there. It appears that Americans are hitting Democrats where it hurts the most: their checkbooks.

Americans significantly decreased contributions to Democrats running for state legislature seats in the second quarter as the Democrat Party has turned hard left, fundraising information announced this week shows…

The drop-off in Democrat Legislative Campaign Committee (DLCC) fundraising—which has Democrats $20 million shy of their stated cycle-long goal of $50 million total—comes as their Republican counterparts nearly doubled the total raised by Democrats in the second quarter. [Source: Breitbart]

This is no coincidence. As Democrats in numerous states call for the defunding of the police, Americans are refusing to support their election efforts. State Democrats were not able to hit their second quarter fundraising goal, at the same time they were embracing this radical agenda.

Furthermore, Republicans were quick to embrace a law and order stance, defending police departments. And what do ya know! Republicans nearly doubled the amount of money Democrats were able to raise. Funny how that works, huh? The party that actually wants to uphold the law and prevent maniacs from burning down cities gets the support of Americans.

This is most likely a sign of things to come. We’ve already seen the effects of Democrats’ radical stances in recent months. Two special elections that have occurred through the Spring and Summer have given Republicans unexpected victories. They flipped a blue seat red, in California. And they beat a Democrat in New York by 40%.

You’d think Democrats would realize they are watching their party die in real time. You’d think that they’d quickly reverse the terrible decisions that are leading to their demise. But they aren’t. Democrats continue to push some of the worst ideas imaginable, as their allies in the media and entertainment industries embrace idiotic social justice “reforms.”

Sometime tells me they’re in for a rude awakening come November.

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