Another Mail-In-Voting Fraud Runs Rampant In Liberal Cities

President Trump has sounded the alarm over mail-in ballots since early this year. Despite this, Democrats have ignored him, urging voters to request ballots so they can vote from home. A flood of stories has emerged, revealing that across the country, mail-in voting is not the way to go. Only this week, New York voters discovered that they can’t vote with their mail-in ballots.

The mail-in voting mess is clear proof that Democrats live their lives with blinders on. One story after another has come out revealing the many problems with widescale mail-in voting. We’ve heard about boxes of ballots being left in apartment hallways. Mail trucks full of ballots set on fire. And there have been numerous times judges have rejected hundreds of thousands of ballots—because they simply were late.

With stories like these, you’d think everyone would be on board with regular, in-person voting. You know, the thing we have been doing safely for over 200 years? But thanks to the media’s propaganda, many voters (mostly Democrats) are opting for mail-in ballots this year. The problem is that many of their votes might not be counted.

And not just because they’re lost or stolen. In New York, a bizarre thing is happening. Voters are requesting absentee ballots from the upcoming election. They are starting to arrive in the mail. But many voters have discovered that there is no way they can use these ballots.

Queens, New York City, voters have received mail-in ballots marked for military use even though recipients never served in the armed forces, according to a Monday report…

“There’s just mass confusion about these ballots and what people are supposed to do with them,” Van Bramer told the Post. “People were already not trusting this process and they were already not trusting the Board of Elections to count the ballot right.”

“This apparent typo just has everyone confused and believing these are invalid ballots,” he added. “It’s absolutely outrageous that when everyone is watching them, they still screw up the most basic thing, which is printing the ballot correctly.” [Source: Breitbart]
It pretty worrisome that the state’s elections office screwed up something so basic as absentee ballots. How could they mark ballots as “military,” for people who never served in the military? How do you even mess up that badly?

That seems like a pretty obvious mistake to avoid. When military personnel request a ballot, they can indicate they are in the military. A civilian wouldn’t. So, why is the elections office doing this?

Many have worried about their ballots not being counted, simply because they’re lost or destroyed by the post office. But for the actual ballot to have a mistake? Even if it gets to the office, it might not be counted.
Democrats made a big deal about mail-in voting because they claimed it was “too dangerous” to vote in person, thanks to the COVID panic. But is this the only alternative—getting your ballots messed up by the very people who issue them?

How many times does Trump need to be vindicated before people just start listening to what he says? Way back in early 2020, he said mail-in voting was a mistake. Democrats ignored him. Now, many Democratic voters might not even get their votes counted.

Hey, he warned ya, idiots!

You know how you can avoid getting a “military” ballot? By voting in person. You know how you can make sure your vote isn’t lost in the mail? Vote in person. Do you know how you can make sure nobody steals your vote?

You got it, vote in person.

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