As Violent Crime Surges in NYC – Cops Make Sad Annoucement

Despite being unpopular among Americans, Democrats in major cities continue to demand to defund the police. Large, blue cities have already taken radical steps to strip police of their resources. In New York, they eliminated a critical plainclothes department dedicated to preventing crime. Now, violent crime is surging in the streets. And cops are doing this.

The mainstream media has spent the last week or so, complaining about the “spike” in COVID positive tests in Southern states. They ignore the fact that the death rate is plummeting so low, the virus is practically impotent. But there is a reason they hype up these numbers. They are trying to distract from another spike happening in blue cities.

Thanks to local Democrats’ idiotic attempt to defund or abolish police departments, large cities are seeing their worst Summer in years. Shootings are out of control in Chicago. Rioters continue to assault historical monuments. In New York, 11 people were shot in a 12-year period.

Eleven people were shot in Democrat-controlled New York City between 5:30 p.m. Saturday and 5 a.m. Sunday.

The New York Post reported that the victims were shot in eight separate shooting incidents which scattered over “Brooklyn, The Bronx, Queens and Manhattan.” [Source: Breitbart]

These aren’t random coincidences. Democrats are moving quickly to defund and strip their cops of any power. The immediate result is a massive spike in crime. In New York, things are getting so bad, over 300 cops are preparing to leave the force ASAP.

Close to 300 New York City Police Department (NYPD) officers have filed for retirement over the last month amid riots against the police and as violent crime keeps surging.

According to figures released to the New York Post, about 272 NYPD uniformed officers have filed for retirement since riots over the death of Minneapolis resident George Floyd began in late May. At the same time last year, about 183 officers had filed for retirement, indicating a nearly 50 percent spike in retirements this year.

One officer, who wanted to wait to retire until he hit 30 years with the NYPD, told the Post “It’s an all-out war on cops and we have no support.” More than 300 officers were injured in the recent riots. [Source: Breitbart]

This might look unthinkable and horrible to you and me. But it’s exactly what Democrats like Mayor de Blasio wanted all along. New York, like other deep-blue states, abolished bail months ago. That was the first major factor in the rise in crime. Since May, New York has slashed the NYPD’s budget, eliminated a major anticrime unit, and showed little support for cops in the wake of violent riots.

Of course, cops would be quitting. But Democrats wanted this to happen. Why else would they make it so easy for criminals to have free rein? The worse the situation gets, the more likely citizens will give up their freedoms to the government to make it stop. At least, that’s what the left hopes.

It’s the same reason Democrats are bankrolling the ongoing riots and violence. They think Americans, out of fear, will elect Democrats who will strip us of our rights.

But all this will only sicken any citizen with a brain. It’s not Republicans letting New York streets boil over with crime. The president isn’t trying to defund our police. And nobody in American thinks we should be tearing down our statues, but radical leftists.

The inevitable response is that citizens will strike back, at the polls. If Americans want their country back, they have to stop voting for a party that gives more rights to criminals than law-abiding citizens. Americans have to reject the growing radicalism of the Democratic Party and embrace candidates that will uphold law and order.

The only problem? In places like New York, it might get much worse before it gets much better.

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