As Virus Spreads Through Country – One Senator Does Something Remarkable

The federal government implemented strict measures to battle the virus. No American has been spared from their overreaching rules. To balance out the economic damage, they signed a massive bill aimed at getting cash into Americans’ hands. But one GOP senator didn’t think that was enough. In order to help, and be an example to others, he’s doing this with his salary.

Our government took unprecedented steps to prevent the spread of this disease. Early on, the president closed the border to China and Iran. Later he closed it to Europe, Mexico, and Canada. But that wasn’t enough. In order to discourage Americans from spreading it to each other, the government mandated severe rules, limiting gatherings of more than 10 and effectively shutting down businesses.

State after state have forced “stay at home” orders, ensuring few businesses will be able to function.

To balance this extreme and controversial measure, the federal government will spend trillions to keep businesses and Americans afloat. But the only real solution is to get Americans back to work as soon as possible. Which requires policies aimed at improving our medical industry and curing the disease.

One Republican realizes much more must be done to end this crisis. His solution? Donating his next two months of salary to groups actually making a difference.

Senator Rob Portman (R-OH) announced Monday that he will donate his salary for the next two months to five charities to help alleviate the array of negative effects stemming from the coronavirus pandemic…

“Many Ohioans are hurting right now due to the coronavirus pandemic, struggling to pay their bills and make ends meet. Many individuals are seeing their paychecks disappear and small business owners throughout the state are making sacrifices as they struggle to keep their doors open,” said Portman.

The five charities service regions across the state and address different problems, such as financial instability, food insecurity and potential medical shortages, including personal protective equipment for medical workers and other in-demand resources. [Source: Daily Wire]

When there was a roadblock to passing the stimulus bill, several senators recommending halting Congress’ paychecks. Where are they now? Why don’t these leaders put their money where their mouths are by following Portman’s lead?

As millions of Americans suffer, congressmen seem to go about their business as if nothing is wrong. I seriously wonder if those goons in D.C. even realize how damaging their policies have already been to the American people? Donald Trump signaled that the cure might be worse than the disease. Then he extended his strict measures for another month.

Healthcare workers, charities, and other relief groups are working around the clock to battle this disease. But the economic decline will hurt—and perhaps kill—far more Americans than this virus. School children can’t eat. Businesses can’t earn profits. Countless events (large and small) have been canceled. Millions of lives have been ruined.

President Trump even mentioned that drug abuse and suicides will skyrocket.

All for what? To “flatten the curve,” a measure that won’t reduce the number of infected, just slow it down. Forcing all Americans to suffer months longer than they would have otherwise.

It seems like only Sen. Portman really understands the damage all this is doing. His donations might not radically change the situation, but those checks will help many Ohioans in need, right now. And perhaps, if more senators or congressmen do the same, communities across the country will have more resources and hope.

Not only that, it will be a powerful sign to millions of Americans that our leaders actually care. They’re not just content with shutting down society and throwing measly checks at us. They understand that we’re all suffering—and they want to do more to help.

Will more senators follow Portman’s lead? I don’t know. But whoever does, mark their names. They deserve to serve in office.

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