Barack Obama Laid One Trap That Pelosi Is Using to Impeach Donald Trump

Image Source: Politico

Donald Trump is at war with the Deep State.

Loyalists from the past three administrations are undermining Trump at every turn.

And Barack Obama laid one trap that Pelosi is using to impeach Donald Trump.

The revamped whistleblower laws that are currently being used to derail Donald Trump’s presidency actually came into being in 2012.

It’s very possible that Barack Obama changed the whistleblower law because he feared he would lose his re-election bid to Mitt Romney.

After Obama’s disastrous first debate performance, he was trailing in several polls, including far-left ones.

On October 10, 2012, one day after he was down in the polls, Obama issued Presidential Policy Directive 19 (PPD19), which expanded whistleblower protections to intelligence community agents.

The Whistleblower Protection Act was meant to deal with waste and mismanagement, not shield spies who disagree with the president’s tack or tact in foreign policy.

Obama possibly snuck in PPD19 so late in his first term to protect his foreign policy interests and undermine the potential Romney administration.

However, Obama won re-election, and PPD19 stayed under the radar.

But that unreported expansion of whistleblower protections is being used against Donald Trump right now in the coordinated Ukraine hoax.

Registered Democrats in the intelligence community, who are undoubtedly Obama loyalists, are now using the broadened whistleblower guidelines in ways for which it was never intended.

And they’re coordinating with Democrats like House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, who lied about having proof that Trump colluded with Russia for two years.

Now Schiff lied about contact he had with a whistleblower before a formal complaint was lodged, a clear breach of protocol and ethics.

Trump is attempting to undo so much of the damage Obama did in his eight years.

Obama was a typical Chicago politician who brought sleazy city politics to the White House.

The American people may never find out all of the small moves he made behind the scenes to further his agenda.

The scandals we actually know about are bad enough.

He used the National Endowment for the Arts to pay cronies to create propaganda in his name.

He weaponized the IRS against conservative non-profit organizations.

He tried to cover up the debacle that was Operation Fast and Furious, and lied about the reasons for the terrorist attack on the American embassy in Benghazi.

Obama also spied on journalists and jailed whistleblowers, so there’s no telling the damage he did behind the scenes.

Trump is just now finding out as he walked into this whistleblower trap.

Democrats have now turned every private phone call between the President of the United States and a foreign leader into a potential scandal.

That’s an impossible way to conduct foreign policy, but the Democrats don’t care.

They just want power, and they’ll do anything to get it.

The endless attacks hurled at Trump from multiple angles is a threat.

It’s all about letting future presidents know that they better toe the line, or else.

But Trump is uniquely qualified to fight this unbelievable level of corruption.

Author: Great American Daily Staff

Source: Great American Daily: Barack Obama Laid One Trap That Pelosi Is Using to Impeach Donald Trump

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