Bernie Sanders Makes Sudden Announcement

For the second time, Bernie Sanders was sidelined by his own party, to lose a nomination to an establishment crony. The “Democratic” socialist lost his chance to become the president, once again, as Joe Biden became the presumptive nominee. Now, after being silent for weeks, Sanders emerges to announce his future presidential plans.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Once upon a time, it appeared Bernie Sanders could do no wrong. Back in 2016, he was “Uncle” Bernie. He went from being a relatively obscure Vermont senator to a frontrunner for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Young voters—eager for his promise of free college tuition—flocked to his banner. At one point, it looks like he was going to defy the odds and win the nomination.

Then the party stabbed him in the back.

Four years later, an undeterred Sanders jumps back into the primary party. Once again, he appears to be the only candidate with a passionate supporter base—with large crowds gathering at his events. Early primaries gave him an undisputed lead.

Then the party stabbed him in the back.

It’s painfully clear that mainstream Democrats don’t want Bernie. His far-left agenda was just too scary for them. They’d rather go with Biden, the “safe” choice, a man that can’t think straight, who might have harassed multiple women.

And now, Sanders has decided to throw in the towel for good.

“I think it’s very, very unlikely that I will be running for president ever again,” Sanders said Monday in an interview with the Washington Post.

Sanders – who describes himself as a Democratic socialist — added that, “I think next time around, you’re going to see another candidate carrying the progressive banner.” [Source: Fox News]

No, Bernie! What are we going to do without your condescending arrogance? Your stubborn hatred for traditional, American values? Or your willingness to ignore all facts and logic to push an outdated political system that has failed in every nation that embraces it?

Let’s face the facts, folks. Bernie Sanders was no “Democratic socialist.” He was a communist, period. You just have to look at his long record as a politician to see that. Hell, the guy honeymoon in Soviet Russia, for crying out load. Since the 70s, he’s praised communist regimes and ways of life. His modern political makeover is just a cover for what he wanted to do to our country.

The good news is, with his semi-retirement (he’s still stinking up the Senate), we’ve seen the last of his brand of toxic Marxism. We won’t have to contend with obnoxious socialists trying to burden our country with massive spending, bloated government, and the violation of our rights.

We just have to contend with mainstream Democrats, who are rapidly trying to adopt much the same policies.

But nobody should mourn Sanders’ withdraw from the presidential sphere. After all, his loses were entirely his own. You can call 2016 a wash, but there was no reason Sanders should have lost 2020. He was running against nobodies and lightweights. Don’t think Joe Biden was a better candidate. He was propped up by the establishment, which forced numerous candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday.

Sanders should have beaten Biden in his sleep. Biden, after all, is a tool for the globalist elite in D.C. He’s literally the posterchild for bowing to foreign powers. Sanders, a man with a distinct personality and agenda, should have danced circles around Sleepy Joe.

What does it tell us that he folded, once again, to a Democratic puppet?

It tells us that Sanders was coward, plain and simple. He talked a big talk to braindead college students and know-nothing Millennials. But when push came to shove, he was unwilling to fight for his cause.

Sander’s only real platform was to bitch about Trump. He was too weak to go after the Democrats, who clearly disliked him. If he had only shown a bit of backbone, he could have taken over the party and remade it in his image. Much like another outsider candidate did to the GOP…

But Sanders will never, ever be Trump. And that’s a very good thing for America.

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