Biden Forgets Who He’s Running Against In Hilarious Viral Video

There are only a few days until the election, and Biden’s campaign continues to put a “lid” on the man’s appearances. In the most crucial time for a candidate, Joe keeps hiding in his basement. But it appears there is a good reason why, all the stress of the campaign has been brutal on his ailing mind. He emerged just for a little bit recently to make a video with his wife. But even speaking for just a few minutes led to disaster.

I’d like to say this was Biden’s last gaffe of the season, but let’s get real here. There is only a week until the election, but that’s plenty of time for the man to say something totally confusing, inappropriate, or insulting. This election has seen countless moments when the man said something that would have invalidated another candidate, let alone turn off millions of voters.

But despite the man’s obvious mental fragility—and tendency to slander black Americans—Democrats continue to pretend that he’s up for the job of running the country. I’ve lost count of how many times he’s flopped saying or doing something that should come easy. You don’t have to be a doctor to be very worried about his mental state.

The latest is just as bad as all the others. It’s particularly troubling because, yet again, he was appearing online in what could have been an easily edited video. But if this is what they kept in, imagine what they had to remove?

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden warned on Sunday that next month’s election was the “most consequential” in a long time because of what would happen if there was “four more years of George,” an apparent reference to former President George Bush. Biden, after saying “George” twice, corrected himself.

“This is the most [consequential], not because I’m running, but because who I’m running against, this is the most consequential election in a long, long, long time,” Biden said. “And the character of the country, in my view, is literally on the ballot, what kind of country we’re going to be.”

“Four more years of George, uh, George, uh, he, uh,” Biden said, “gonna find ourselves in a position where if Trump gets elected we’re gonna be, we’re gonna be in a different world.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Let’s pause for a minute to reflect on the irony of Joe’s statement. He is right that if Trump is re-elected we’ll be living in a different world. A world where corrupt con men like Biden are no longer in charge. A world where China, Russia, and other globalist forces don’t control America like a puppet. A world where our leaders actually put Americans first.

Yeah, that’s a pretty scary notion for the monsters that run the Democratic Party.

But let’s not gloss over the fact that twice, Joe called his rival George, instead of Donald Trump. Trump’s been the president for four years. He’s been the most-talked-about person in every newspaper, website, and social network. Joe’s been talking about him non-stop for nearly two years of his campaign. Yet in a video set up by his own team, they can’t get him to say the right name.

Sure, we’ve all messed up, from time to time. And if this was just a one-off, we wouldn’t even be talking about it. But this is one in a very long line of disturbing mistakes Joe Biden makes on a regular basis. Clearly, he was thinking about George Bush when he was speaking—or got Bush and Trump confused. But at this point, such a mix up is unacceptable. They just debated for crying out loud!

When will the Democrats finally admit they nominated a man unfit to lead? Probably not until November 4, when Trump wins in a landslide.

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