Biden Makes His Biggest Mistake Yet During Debates

Last night’s debate was full of moments that proved Joe Biden isn’t fit to lead the country. But nothing was so disastrous than his comments on oil. The oil industry is a major pillar in the U.S. economy. It provides countless jobs, untold wealth, and reliable energy for nearly every American household (and car owner). And last night, Joe promised he would “transition” the country away from oil. Meaning, he plans to shut it down.

During the 2020 election, Joe Biden has had a very bad track record when discussing his plans for both the economy and our energy section. Biden has said he’s against the “Green New Deal” during debates, but his website states otherwise. That left-wing, environmental policy would do untold damage to our country in the form of massive changes to our energy industry. And Joe’s all on board.

Biden has previously denied wanting to shut down fracking, a major method of extracting natural gas from the earth. But on numerous occasions previously, he promised to left-wing supporters he’d get rid of it. He also has said disparaging things about the coal industry, which his previous boss, Obama, nearly destroyed.

But now it seems Biden is going after the most important energy source to the United States—and the world. During the debate, President Trump forced Joe to answer the question “Will you close down the oil industry?”

Biden was forced to give his answer.

During Thursday night’s presidential debate, former Vice President Joe Biden stepped onto a political landmine that will certainly cost him with working class Americans when he pledged to “transition” from the oil industry throughout his administration.

“Would he close down the oil industry?” Trump asked. “Would you close down the oil industry?”

“I would transition from the oil industry, yes,” Biden responded.

“That’s a big statement,” Trump shot back.

“It is a big statement, because … the oil industry pollutes significantly,” Biden emphasized, later adding: “It has to be replaced by renewable energy over time, over time. And I’d stop giving to the oil industry — I’d stop giving them federal subsidies. [Trump] won’t give federal subsidies to solar and wind. Why are we giving it to oil industry?”

The Twitter reactions to Biden’s statement were swift and fierce for what might have arguably been his biggest mistake of the evening. [Source: Daily Wire]

You don’t have to read between the lines with this one. Biden said he’d cut subsidized to the oil industry and give them to pitiful alternatives like solar and wind (both of which cannot provide a fraction of the energy oil produces). He even promised to “transition” from oil, meaning he’d shut down oil production and force America to rely on other sources.

This will not go over well for millions of Americans. Every America would suffer from this policy, considering oil is used as the main source of your electricity. How’d you like your power bill to skyrocket over the next few years? How’d you like the blackouts happening every day on the West Coast to be the norm in your town? That’s what will happen, if Joe’s plan is enacted.

And unless you own a $100,000+ Tesla, you will have a hard time filling up your car, under President Joe Biden. Eliminating the oil industry means no gasoline—and no gas cars. How’d you like to be forced to buy an extremely expensive electric car, because the president says “No more oil?”

(By the way, even EV’s need oil, as that’s how most electricity is generated.)

That’s only the tip of the iceberg. Joe’s plan would put hundreds of thousands of blue-collar Americans out of work. And it would have our energy independence to corrupt oil-producing countries overseas.

People were not happy about Joe’s comment, especially in Texas.

Biden’s campaign is already trying to do damage control, but he’s already struck his own deathblow.

Following the debate, Biden Deputy Campaign Manager and Communications Director Kate Bedingfield tried to “clarify” Biden’s remarks, according to Washington Post reporter Annie Linskey.

Linskey tweeted: “Biden’s team seeks to clarify Biden’s remarks on the oil industry, with @KBeds saying that Biden was referring to ending oil subsidies.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Something tells me that folks in Pennsylvania and Texas won’t be convinced by that “spin.” To end oil subsidies is to go on a path to end oil.

That is enough to get every last American voting for Donald Trump.

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