Biden On His Way Out? New Poll Reveals Party Turmoil

The Democrat establishment did their best to ignore Tara Reade’s allegations against Joe Biden. But even the liberal media was forced to acknowledge what she was saying. Joe and his campaign issued denials, but many questions continue to linger. It seems this story isn’t going away any time soon. And now, a new poll among Democrats should have Biden very worried.

Biden got to where he is now by the skin of his teeth. Keep in mind, he’s still just the presumptive nominee. But with not a single candidate running, it looks like he’s a shoo-in. That’s because the party conspired to stop Bernie Sanders, again, by urging several candidates to drop out before Super Tuesday.

The party put all their chips on Biden. Now, I think they’re regretting it. When Tara Reade came forward, accusing Biden of sexual assault in the 90s, I’m sure the left hoped news of the virus would drown her out. Only the opposite happened. Pressure mounted for the woman to be heard. Many have called out the Democrats, who once said they “believed all woman.”

If that’s true, shouldn’t they believe Reade?

Despite his attempts at damage control, Biden is doing a poor job at confronting these allegations. Now, over 25% of Democrats want him gone.

A new poll shows that a full 26% of Democrats want Joe Biden replaced following Tara Reade’s sexual assault allegation against him, a not-so-insignificant number given the tight matchup he will surely face against President Trump…

Among general voters, only 41% said they found Biden’s denial “somewhat credible” or “very credible” versus 38% who said it was “not that credible” or “not credible at all.” [Source: Daily Wire]

This poll should be given a little more consideration that most polls. Why? Because they only questioned Democrats. Many liberal polls “oversample” certain groups to get a desired outcome. That’s one of the reasons mainstream media polls are often so off (they are “suppression” polls, meant to manipulate voter enthusiasm).

But this poll just questioned Democrats. And over 25% of them don’t want Biden running for president. That’s a large enough number to make a huge difference, come Election Day. If this poll was manipulated at all, the number might be even higher.

Keep in mind, despite the shutdowns, enthusiasm among Trump supporters is sky high. Before the virus, he continued his record of packed-out rallies. Lately, his campaign has been hosting online events, bringing in hundreds of millions of views. Even before the scandal, Biden was struggling with voter enthusiasm.

Do you think he can muster up excitement now? Democrats have banged the #MeToo drum for years. Many liberals have built careers out of believing all women. Countless men have been outed or had their reputations destroyed, because of much less than what Joe is accused of doing. If liberals had a shred of integrity (a big if), then they’d have to treat Reade’s accusations with the same weight as all the others.

It seems like at least 25% of the party is willing to do that.

Some Democrats have stated that, even if Biden is found guilty, they will still support him. Their hatred of Trump is so great, they’d rather elect a sex offender, than keep him in office. Pretty ugly, if you ask me.

Others seem willing to just ignore the allegations, pretending they don’t exist. That’s at least consistent with most Democrats’ outlook on reality. After all, they live in a fantasy land where they think the government’s the answer to all our problems. Nancy Pelosi is so deluded, that she now refuses to even talk about the allegations. I think a therapist would have a few things to say about that kind of clinical denial.

But this 25% is critical. If these people are turned off by Biden, they might not support him through the election. In fact, they might not show up at the polls. Add to that a number of Bernie supporters who still hate him and the rising excitement of Trump supporters.

Does Biden really have a chance at all?

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