Biden Stumbles, Calls His Own Mask Mandate Un-Constitutional

It looks like Joe Biden’s mental decline has gotten so bad, he doesn’t even remember what he said just a few weeks ago. Recently, he said a nationwide mask mandate was unconstitutional. Claiming to be a “Constitutionalist,” he said that as president he’d never call for one. It appears he even said he never claimed he would. But the exact opposite is true.

How many times is Biden going to screw up before the Democrats admit they have a problem? For many months, we’ve watched the man expose his shocking mental decline. In numerous speeches, interviews, and appearances the man has shown signs that his brain is no longer working.

I’d run out of space recounting the times he’s quickly (and for no reason) lost his temper, yelling at a host for simply asking a question. You probably remember the times he insulted black interviewers—and most black Americans.
It appears now that Biden’s forgotten his own policy from just a month ago. Or, the con artist just expects us all to forget for him.

Joe Biden admitted on Monday that his own proposed national mask mandate is unconstitutional.

Biden has repeatedly called for a federal mandate, often using it as an example of what he would do differently about the coronavirus than President Trump, whom Biden claims “failed to act.”

But he told CBS 5 in Arizona, “There’s a constitutional issue whether the federal government can issue such a mandate.”

He added, “I don’t think constitutionally they could, so I wouldn’t issue a mandate.”…

He said he would ask governors, mayors, county executives — anyone in authority — to impose one.

“I’m a constitutionalist,” Biden declared. “You can’t do things the Constitution does not allow you the power to do.” [Source: Breitbart]

Oh, so now Biden says he wouldn’t call for a mask mandate? Yet during the DNC, he specifically demanded everyone in America wear a mask.

During the Democratic National Convention, Biden explicitly called for a national mask mandate.

“We’ll have a national mandate to wear a mask,” he said.

Biden even linked wearing a mask to being patriotic. [Source: Breitbart]

So, what’s going on? Why is he suddenly denying the fact—something we can all check—that he promised to force Americans to wear masks if he was president?

Now, Biden is claiming he respects the Constitution and would not do anything the Constitution does not allow. Oh, how good for him. What a wonderfully American candidate.

Say, Biden, the Constitution didn’t stop you from doing all sorts of horrible things as senator and vice president. Why would now be any different?

And let’s not forget the other plans he has for being president. He wants to embrace the Green New Deal, a radical set of policies that would undermine our economy and destroy the free market. Nothing in the Constitution about the president or Congress having the power to do that!

Let’s not forget how he coerced a foreign government to fire a top prosecutor, threatening to withdraw $1 billion in aid. Only for us to find out the prosecutor was investigating Biden’s son’s company. I doubt the Constitution allows for that.

And then there’s the time China dumped millions in Hunter Biden’s lap. Soon after, Joe Biden scored deals with the communist state that enriched them—while taking more jobs from us.

Gee, does the Constitution allow that, Joe?

It seems Biden is only concerned with the Constitution when it deals with forcing Americans to wear pointless fabric over their faces. When it comes to much bigger issues—like robbing Americans to enrich his own family—Joe Biden doesn’t give two bits about the law of the land.

Unless, of course, in all those cases he also forgot what he said and did. That wouldn’t surprise me one bit.

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