Biden Takes Most Radical Stance On Abortion In History

Recently, the Supreme Court struck down a Louisiana law that sought to protect the life of unborn children. The ruling was a win for abortion lobbyists who profit off the death of Americans. Joe Biden, in a pathetic attempt to pander to killers, claims what he’d ensure if he was elected president.

Planned Parenthood recently endorsed Joe Biden for president, saying this election was a matter of life and death. Ironic words from a group that makes millions off the death of America’s children. But it appears their endorsement of the Democrat was well-founded. Since becoming the party’s de facto nominee, Joe Biden has lurched further to the left—a move unusual in a general election.

Biden is increasingly alienating moderate voters even in his own party. Now, he promises a radical approach to abortion—if he enters the White House.

In a statement praising the Supreme Court for striking down a Louisiana law requiring doctors who provide abortions to have admitting privileges at a local hospital, 2020 Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden announced his support for abortion “under any circumstance,” staking out an extreme position on the issue.

Biden, once a self-proclaimed “pro-life Democrat” stood by his personal opposition to abortion as recently as the 2012 presidential election, when he explained, in a debate against then-Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan, that he was “personally opposed” to the procedure but felt he had no reason to prevent women from exercising “choice.”

… The statement also suggests that Biden now believes in an unrestricted right to abortion up until the moment of birth — an extreme position slowly becoming the norm among abortion activists. [Source: Daily Wire]

Joe Biden was propped up by the Democrats because they considered him the “safe” choice to go up against Donald Trump. But from everything we’ve seen from Joe, he is far from safe. The man is shedding his once moderate stances on crucial issues, to embrace the radical agenda of far-left socialists.

Is the man a puppet for the left? Does he no longer have an original thought in his head? Or is he really embracing ideals he once rejected?

Donald Trump has warned voters that if “Sleepy Joe” becomes president, he wouldn’t be the one making the decisions. Instead, he’d just do whatever the radical left tells him to do. Already we see that’s true in statements Joe makes. He is embracing abortion “under any circumstance,” claiming this is a Constitutional right for women.

That includes the idea that a child can be kill just moments before birth. Does Joe also think a child can be aborted after birth? Hell, why not a few years after birth? Why don’t we just legalize any form of child murder—as long as it’s the woman’s choice, eh Joe?

Ironically, the law the Supreme Court struck down was written by a pro-life Democrat. Joe Biden and his supporters are openly opposing a group within their own party that wants to limit or ban the barbaric practice. Believe it or not, there are pro-life Democrats in the party. They have been welcomed since Roe v. Wade. Until recently.

Joe Biden, like other presidential candidates on the left, has embraced an extreme view on abortion. He wants it anytime for any reason. There is no middle ground for Democrats who think life should be protected in the womb. Apparently, Joe forgets that many Americans—both liberal and conservative—hate the practice. They consider it murder.

How will these Democrats vote, come November? This isn’t a small issue, this is life or death. Will pro-life Democrats vote for a man who wants abortion on demand? Or will they vote for the man who has promised to eliminate abortion, if he gets the chance?

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