Biden Unveils Four Ridiculous Executive Orders

By Adam Casalino November 11th, 2020 | Image Source: NY1

What’s Happening:

Joe Biden long made the claim that he wanted to unite the country. But everything he’s said or done seems to show the opposite.

He frequently caves to the radical left, apparently doing whatever Bernie Bros tell him.

And he already has plans to undo the orders that helped restore our economy and put us on the right track.

Nothing about them will bring unity, only economic disaster. Here is what he’s planning:

Joe Biden plans to immediately sign a series of sweeping executive orders once taking office in January, reversing several of Donald Trump’s key policies and reinstating programs the president has ended.

Near the top of Biden’s list is rejecting Trump’s policies regarding immigration, those close to his campaign told The Washington Post in a report published Sunday morning. These day one priorities include repealing a travel ban from a handful of Muslim-majority countries and restoring the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program.

Globalist Joe plans to undo Trump’s nationalist agenda by forcing the United States to rejoin broken organizations like WHO. He also wants to give away America’s energy dominance by rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement.

And Joe wants to reverse Trump’s immigration reforms that will welcome more undocumented aliens into the country and end his travel ban on terrorist-backing countries.

It should come as no surprise that Biden would do this. Nothing he’s said during his campaign suggests he’s a man about “unity.”

His entire career seems to have been about appeasing the globalist forces that want to run the country. Today, he adds to that a radical left-wing bend that will cripple the economy and drive jobs overseas.

This is the same man who claimed the Chinese government was made up of “good folks.” And who used his authority to control foreign governments like Ukraine.

Globalist Joe will most likely be a pawn for the radical socialists who want to eliminate the oil, coal, and natural gas industries—driving up prices and losing many jobs.

Do you think Joe Biden really wants unity for America—or for Trump supporters to submit?

Key Takeaways:

  • Joe Biden plans on signing sweeping orders ending Trump’s policies on numerous issues.
  • Biden will reverse immigration reform, end energy dominance, and rejoin globalist organizations.
  • Biden is claiming he wants to unite all Americans, but also has a mandate for his liberal agenda.

Author: Adam Casalino

Source: Patriot journal: After Biden Claims He Wants ‘Unity’ – Joe Quickly Plans 4 Executive Orders To Undo Trump’s Legacy

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