Biden’s Bizarre Wheatfield Appearance Had Democrats In A Frenzy

Joe Biden has spent most of the 2020 election hiding in his basement. Only when it looked like his polls were slipping did his campaign cobble together a few “appearances.” Joe has showed up at several events, but they were far from what you would call a rally. This week, he gave a strange speech in front of a wheatfield. It did not go well.

The left-wing media and their Democrat allies are doing everything in their power to hide the fact that there is something wrong with Joe Biden. But they have a big problem: the man is running for president. You can’t become president by hiding in your basement. In the weeks since the Democratic National Convention—a boring, miserable event focusing on doom-and-gloom—Joe has been forced to make “appearances” for his campaign.

None of them resemble real campaign appearances. Aside from a smattering of press, few people attend. Joe appears at a podium, far removed from anyone else. After stumbling through a pre-recorded speech, he leaves, rarely taking questions.

This week, he tried to hammer Trump over climate change. Joe is struggling to appeal to middle Americans, but he continues to push far-left ideas that few of us embrace.

During this latest appearance, as he blames Trump for global warming, he had more than a few slip-ups.

Biden blasted President Trump from the edge of a wheat field in Delaware, deeming his opponent a “climate arsonist” while swatting attacking insects from his neck…

At times, Biden seemed to struggle with reading the teleprompter.

Biden said he would “up the ante on climate commitments, where he— reverses— the Biden, excuse me, the Obama-Biden fuel efficiency standards.”

In another moment, Biden seemed to indicate Barack Obama was running for a third term.

“The Obama-Biden administration rescued the auto industry and helped them retool. We made solar energy cost-competitive with traditional energy and weatherized more than a million homes. It’s just the beginning if we get reelected,” he said as a bug climbed up his shoulder. [Source: Breitbart]

Honestly, if it weren’t for the mainstream media propping this guy up, nobody would take him seriously. I’ve seen third-party candidates perform better than Joe Biden. He’s often confused, struggles not to slur every word, and seems to bungle up pre-written speeches.

Yet we’re supposed to take him seriously when he calls Trump incompetent!

During this speech, he actually referred to his bid for the White House as getting “re-elected.” Uh, Joe, you do realize Obama is not running with you? You’re not running to be vice president this time, Joe. This is for the big chair in the Oval Office.

Not sure how Obama-Biden “rescued” the auto industry, considering their “cash for clunkers” program dumped billions of dollars… into the Japanese economy.

Nothing that Joe says makes sense anymore. If we were living in an honest society, he would have been disregarded months ago.

But because our mainstream media is nothing more than the propaganda arm for a corrupt, crooked party, we have to keep subjecting this old man to constant ridicule and exposure.

What is he going to do against Trump in a debate? What is he going to do, if elected president?

The man had trouble swatting a bug away from his shoulder. How is he going to give a SOTU address?

But the media keeps showing us bogus polls saying he’s a shoo-in.

Sorry if I don’t believe a word they say.

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