Biden’s Latest Blunder Caused Widespread Panic – And It Wasn’t Even True

From the very start of his campaign, Joe Biden has struggled to connect with blue-collar workers. He’s had to sit by and watch as numerous unions and tradesmen backed Donald Trump for re-election. The Democrat’s platform is rapidly pushing working-class Americans to the right. It didn’t get any better when, while in Pennsylvania, Biden announced a factory was shutting down, sparking panic. But it wasn’t.

Once upon a time, long ago, Democrats were the party of blue-collar, working-class folk. They claimed to support their struggle against “corrupt” management and backed the many unions dotted across America. And, until this day, many powerful unions have supported Democrats, even as the party stabbed them in the back.

It’s no secret Democrats have been on board with globalists who shipped jobs overseas. It was, after all, Bill Clinton to started that trend. Today, Democrats are fully embracing open borders and illegal immigration—a direct threat to millions of American workers. Not very union-friendly, huh? Perhaps that’s why many formerly liberal unions are breaking for Donald Trump. He was the first president in a long time to bring jobs back to the country.

Joe hasn’t gotten the memo yet and still expects unions and blue-collar workers to back him. Even though his plan will dramatically increase taxes, drive jobs away, and destroy our manufacturing industry.

What’s worse, blue-collar workers aren’t safe from the dementia-afflicted gaffe-machine. Because he literally told a group in Pennsylvania that their factory was shutting down.

Former Vice President Joe Biden mistakenly declared that a factory in Erie, Pennsylvania, was closing down — triggering panic among workers and forcing management to send a company-wide email reassuring employees that their jobs were not currently in danger…

“I heard today there’s a locomotive plant thinking of shutting down here. I’m going to invest literally in high speed rail. I have a record on that. I’m the (inaudible). We’re going to create tens of thousands of good paying jobs,” he said in an interview…

The locomotive plant in question was the local facility of the Wabtec Corporation, which makes freight trains…

“We want to set the record straight and let you know this statement is untrue.” [Source: Breitbart]

The panic felt very real because the company had announced 300 layoffs earlier in the year. It wouldn’t have been too much of a stretch, in the minds of many workers, that they were about to shut down the plant entirely.

They might have all felt a sigh of relief after the company sent out that email. But don’t kid yourself. If Biden is elected, many factories and plants will close their doors for good.

Thanks to Democratic leadership this year, countless businesses were forced to shut their doors. Democrats in D.C. have refused to provide additional relief, leading to more pain and suffering. What would they do if Joe was in the White House? Forget just a nationwide lockdown. He’d jack up taxes, create heavy regulations, sign terrible trade deals, and massively increase the number of outsiders flooding the country.

Biden may have “misspoke” during that interview, but he was certainly prophetic—about his own future administration. That factory and many more would be closed down if he’s elected. That is all but a certainty.

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