BLM Protestor Confronts Black Trump Supporter – It Didn’t End Well

Hundreds of former Democrats marched through Los Angeles to show their support for Donald Trump and police. The #WalkAway movement attracted the attention of the media… and radical activists. One Black Lives Matter counter-protester, a white man, tried to confront a black Trump supporter. She put him in his place.

The #WalkAway movement has been growing for years. Many long-time Democrats have been walking up to the dishonesty and betrayal of their party, to flock behind Donald Trump’s banner. This group is surging on social media online and their leaders have been organizing events and rallies for years.

Even during the age of COVID, #WalkAway has been hosting events to muster support. Across American, many former Democrats—often black and gay Americans—have marched and rallied to declare their rejection of the left and support for Donald Trump.

The movement held a peaceful march through Los Angeles over the weekend. As can be expected, there were counter-protesters and liberal media outlets looking to discredit or dismiss the event. A Black Lives Matter activist—a white man—confronted Shameka Michelle, a leader in the #WalkAway movement.

He quickly regretted it.

Hundreds of peaceful demonstrators from the #WalkAway movement marched from West Hollywood to Beverly Hills, California, over the weekend to show support for President Donald Trump and law enforcement…

During the rally, #WalkAway supporter Shameka Michelle, who is black, encountered a white male counter-protester supporting the far-Left “Black Lives Matter” movement.

Michelle told the BLM supporter that she does not need him to use his so-called “privilege” to validate that her life matters and went on to rip the organization for not elevating black men and fathers while also turning a blind eye to disproportionate abortion in the black community…

“You are supporting an organization that does not like black men,” Michelle claimed. “And as a black woman, I can tell you how important black men are to the black family; without them we are nothing. So when you support and organization that doesn’t push them up the way we need them to be, you ain’t s***.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Democrats are panicking right about now. We’ve never seen anything like what we’re seeing, these days. Countless young, black Americans, as well as gay Americans and other minorities, are boldly coming out against the Democratic Party. They are criticizing liberals for how, for years, they have promised everything to these minority groups, but delivered nothing but crime, poverty, and death.

Black Americans are calling out BLM for only caring about black deaths at the hands of cops. Significantly more black lives are lost thanks to crime. But BLM says nothing.

The #WalkAway movement focuses on urging young Americans to rethink their loyalty to the left. Michelle is just one of many Americans speaking out against the mainstream media’s narrative. Democrats have no answer for this movement. They can’t call Michelle and her allies racist. They can’t call them homophobic. They can’t call them xenophobic.

So, without being able to sling insults, the left’s got nothing! Democrats panic every time a #WalkAway rally appears in their city or group forms online. Because more Americans, from all walks of life, have the opportunity to see through the left’s charade. Americans who were otherwise in the dark began to say, “Why are so many black and gay Americans leaving the Democratic Party”?

Not only is it humiliating for the left, who claimed to be champions of diversity, but it encourages more people to leave their party.

The mainstream media continues to push a narrative that embraces violent riots, defunds police, and ignores black deaths. How’s that been working out for them?

Meanwhile, millions continue to walk away.

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