Bombshell: Wall Street Schemes With Biden To Swing 2020

Joe Biden vows to spend billions of dollars forcing the inner city into America’s suburbs. His plan would destroy thousands of communities—where hard-working Americans of all races went to avoid the dangers of the inner city. Most Americans oppose this plan. But guess which group is so excited to make it a reality?

Right before Barry Obama was forced out of the White House, he tried to push a plan that would have destroyed American life as we know it. He rolled out a plan that outlawed single-family homes in the suburbs and required communities to build dense, multi-unit buildings. The goal was to ship the problems, poverty, and crime of the inner city into safe, prosperous suburban communities.

Obama pushed this, saying that the suburbs were racist where only white people lived. That was a bald-faced lie. Recently, Director of Housing and Urban Development Ben Carson revealed that the majority of black, Hispanic, and Asian Americans live in the suburbs. How can this be? Because these families worked hard, saved their money, and were able to buy homes outside the city.

Obama’s real goal was to infiltrate all voting demographics with groups he assumed would vote Democrat. It was an underhanded scheme to make sure no Republican ever won an election again. It would have also destroyed American prosperity, ushering in greater socialism. Joe Biden is pushing this agenda even harder and will promise to spend $640 billion of your tax dollars to make sure the suburbs are destroyed.

Of course, few Americans support such a radical, left-wing plan. Disturbingly, the only group behind it is a group few trust to begin with.

Democrat presidential candidate Joe Biden is touting Wall Street’s support for his $640 billion housing plan that would force low-income, multi-family housing developments into America’s suburban communities.

During a visit to Kenosha, Wisconsin — where the Black Lives Matter organization and members of Antifa have led riots for weeks — Biden told supporters that Wall Street supports his housing plan because it “will increase the GDP.”

“And by the way, it’s not a waste of money. Even the folks on Wall Street point out that will increase the GDP, make it grow,” Biden said of the plan. “People will do better, people will do better.” [Source: Breitbart]

Joe Biden didn’t do a good job of explaining how his socialist plan would “increase the GDP.” You know what actually increased the GDP, Joe? Bringing manufacturing back to the United States. Joe Biden is one of the biggest supporters of China—who has taken millions of jobs from American workers.

But as Joe works to ensure fewer and fewer Americans can work, he wants to implement a plan to destroy the communities of the few Americans left who can work!

His plan would reward those who either don’t work or refuse to work. It is a massive expansion of the Welfare state—a stepping stone to more government control of private land and wealth.

Joe Biden, the “moderate” wants one of the most radically socialist and un-American agendas we’ve ever seen. The bedrock of our freedoms is private land ownership. Joe Biden wants to eradicate this with his housing plan. After all, he wants to tell you want you can or can’t do on your own land. He wants to force communities to build housing, destroying their plans and property.

And the only people who seem to be excited about it are the rich elite who don’t live there. The Wall Street brokers who live in wealthy, gated communities that will be exempt—of course—from his toxic plan.

This November, you’re voting on the literal future of your communities, neighborhoods, and homes.

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