BREAKING: Mexico Agrees To Send 6,000 Troops To Its Southern Border After Historic Deal With Trump

By Lawrence Richard June 9th, 2019 | Image Source: Mexico News Daily

President Trump announced on Saturday morning that Mexico has agreed to his terms to do more to stop migrants from freely passing through their country and into the United States.

Taking to Twitter, Trump said: “I am pleased to inform you that The United States of America has reached a signed agreement with Mexico.”

As a result of the agreement, Trump said he would no longer implement tariffs against Mexico that he previously announced.

“The Tariffs scheduled to be implemented by the U.S. on Monday, against Mexico, are hereby indefinitely suspended,” he said.

“Mexico, in turn, has agreed to take strong measures to stem the tide of Migration through Mexico, and to our Southern Border,” Trump continued. “This is being done to greatly reduce, or eliminate, Illegal Immigration coming from Mexico and into the United States.”

He added: “Details of the agreement will be released shortly by the State Department. Thank you!”

According to a press release by the State Department, Mexico “will take unprecedented steps to increase enforcement to curb irregular migration, to include the deployment of its National Guard throughout Mexico, giving priority to its southern border,” BizPac Review reports.

“Mexico is also taking decisive action to dismantle human smuggling and trafficking organizations as well as their illicit financial and transportation networks. Additionally, the United States and Mexico commit to strengthen bilateral cooperation, including information sharing and coordinated actions to better protect and secure our common border,” the release continued.

A key part of the agreement undoubtedly centered on the new responsibility Mexico has on migrant asylum requests. They will now process all claims and migrants will have to wait in Mexico before they are allowed to travel to the U.S.

“[T]hose crossing the U.S. Southern Border to seek asylum will be rapidly returned to Mexico where they may await the adjudication of their asylum claims,” the release added via BizPac Review.

And: “In response, Mexico will authorize the entrance of all of those individuals for humanitarian reasons, in compliance with its international obligations, while they await the adjudication of their asylum claims. Mexico will also offer jobs, healthcare, and education according to its principles.”

President Trump took Mexico to task for insufficiently dealing with large groups of illegal immigrants passing freely through their country from Central and South America and into the United States.

In some cases, Mexico would even provide travel to these migrant groups from their southern border to the U.S.-Mexico border where they would be smuggled or otherwise cross illegally. Some of these large groups would go through port of entries and claim asylum, overwhelming the capabilities of these facilities.

Trump said enough was enough and gambled away his historic United States–Mexico–Canada Agreement by announcing a tariff on all Mexican goods coming into the country. The U.S. president said these tariffs would rise until Mexico agreed to do more to stop these migrants.

Author: Lawrence Richard

Source: Governor Palin: BREAKING: Mexico Agrees To Send 6,000 Troops To Its Southern Border After Historic Deal With Trump

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