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Ukraine has launched a criminal investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden which alleges that he pressured authorities, forcing the resignation of Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter, received more than $3 million from the natural gas firm Burisma Holdings while his father oversaw a U.S. effort to address corruption in Ukraine.

This was a subject of the July 25 phone call at the center of the articles of impeachment against President Trump.

All along, we all knew the ones who actually committed a crime here were the Bidens, and now its time for them to be brought to justice.

The Interfax-Ukraine news agency, quoting Shokin’s lawyer, reported the country’s State Bureau of Investigations opened the case under an appeal by Shokin.

Shokin’s lawyer, Oleksandr Teleshetsky, said at a press conference Feb. 27 that the charge is interfering in the work of an official of a law enforcement agency.

Shokin included Biden’s name in his motion, which prompted the opening of the case, Interfax said. The lawyer also said the SBI is also handling criminal cases opened in response to Shokin’s motion on charges of disclosing pretrial probe secrets to employees of the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine.

He explained that Biden is their suspect in three different criminal offenses, which have been merged into one case.

Teleshetsky said he’s asking the Prosecutor General’s Office to seek the assistance of the U.S. in the investigation.

“We’ll definitely do this. This is one of the priorities in this criminal investigation, because this case can’t be investigated without involving mechanisms of international legal cooperation,” he said.

“Judging by remarks Biden allowed himself to make in public, Viktor Mykolayovych Shokin has sufficient grounds to believe that it was [Biden] who masterminded and, to a certain extent, perpetrated those criminal offenses to which Shokin alerted the law enforcement agencies of Ukraine,” the lawyer said.

Teleshetsky noted that Greek law enforcement agencies are investigating Shokin’s mercury poisoning in 2019. He said Shokin links the incident to Biden.

“The results of this investigation are not yet available today. We don’t have sufficient grounds to … file motions and requests with the law enforcement agencies of Greece before they establish the objective truth in all circumstances,” he said. “Possibly, they will appear tomorrow or the day after tomorrow.”

This is a scandal of epic proportions that the Democrats have done their best to cover up, and it has finally reached a boiling point.

Peter Schweizer, who exposed the Hunter Biden-Ukraine deal in his 2018 book “Secret Empires,” said in an interview with SiriusXMs Breitbart News Daily that the key to understanding the matter is the timing.

“The timing is clear: February of 2014, Putin moves into Crimea, that creates this whole crisis,” he said. “In March of 2014, Joe is point person on Ukraine policy. Within three weeks, Ukrainians suddenly decide, ‘Hey Hunter Biden is the guy, the expert, we want to join this company. And yeah, we need to pay him a million dollars a year.’

“You look at that and think, ‘This is absurd.’ … It’s not like he was advising Ukraine in 2005,” said Schweizer.

His new book, “Profiles in Corruption: Abuse of Power by America’s Progressive Elite,” presents evidence that five members of Biden’s family profited from his position as vice president of the United States.

Schweizer also recalled that when the Obama administration “pivoted” its foreign policy to Asia, Hunter Biden accompanied his father on a trip to Beijing on Air Force Two.

“Joe goes over there on one of his first significant trips, and what does he do? His son comes with him, and 10 days after the trip, the son suddenly announces this billon-and-a-half-dollar private equity deal,” Schweizer said.

“It’s clear, it’s crystal clear what’s going on.”

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