Catholic League Slams ‘Religious’ Biden Over Radical Stance

Joe Biden calls himself a Catholic, but his recent stance on abortion has become increasingly left-wing. Pro-life Democrats have called on the party to respect their views and embrace a moderate policy on the practice. Biden and the party have refused. Now, the Catholic League is calling out Joe’s hypocritical, changing views.

Some of the strongest pro-life advocates in the country are Catholics. Their strong faith in God compels them to fight against the outdated and barbaric practice. It might, however, come to you as a surprise to know many of these people are Democrats. Yes, there is such a thing as a pro-life Democrat. But these days, they are becoming an endangered species, as the party moves toward a radical abortion platform.

In recent years, notable Democrats have pushed abortion-on-demand. They want abortion at any stage of the pregnancy, even right before birth. Several pro-choice Democrats even embrace post-birth abortion, including Governor of Virginia Northam. Yet once upon a time, the Democrat platform actually called for abortion to be “rare.” Not anymore.

Pro-life Democrats have petitioned the party to embrace certain reforms to protect life. Catholics have repeatedly appealed to Joe Biden, a self-professed Catholic who once said he “personally” hates abortion. But both Biden and the party rejected their requests. Now, the Catholic League is calling out the candidate.

The Catholic League has slammed Joe Biden for digging in his heels on the abortion issue, rebuffing overtures from pro-life Democrats to make space for them in the party.

“Pro-life Democrats tried to persuade Joe Biden and the leadership of the Democratic Party to soften their language on abortion rights,” noted Catholic League president Bill Donohue in an essay Thursday. “But the 2020 Democratic Party Platform that passed on August 19 shows they lost.”

While America has become more pro-life, Biden has become more pro-abortion…

While Mr. Biden was once moderate on abortion, Donohue laments, he has now become an extremist. “There is no abortion, at any time of pregnancy, or for any reason, that he finds objectionable.” [Source: Breitbart]

Democrats have become so extreme in their abortion agenda, that their official 2020 platform includes repealing the Hyde Amendment, which prevents taxpayer-funded abortions. The Catholic League’s petition of the Democratic candidate has fallen on deaf ears. Joe Biden is lockstep with the radical left, pushing abortion at all costs.

Odd that a man who claims to be a Catholic and at one time personally opposed abortion would now so easily embrace the brutal practice. This isn’t like other issues, where a politician would change their mind to appease the public. Abortion is far less popular in American than it used to be, with most pro-choice citizens thinking it’s only acceptable in extreme cases like rape or to save the mother.

Yet, as in so many other cases, Democrats are ignoring what Americans are saying to push their own agenda. When has that ever worked? When has a party ever won an election by forcing its will onto the country?

Pro-life Democrats have a tough choice to make. Can they continue supporting a party that not only wants abortion, but wants it in the most extreme measures? Can pro-life Democrat ignore their own consciences and vote for a man that is bowing to radical abortionists?

I guess that’s a choice they’d have to make themselves. But it’s obvious that the only candidate fighting to protect human life is Donald Trump.

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