Chicago Mayor Rejects Feds During Riots, Calls For More Gun Control

Chicago erupted in senseless violence and chaos, as organized anarchists rioted and looted. The city responded by shutting down roads and bridges, but the police are reportedly overwhelmed. The federal government is ready to intervene, to save lives and end the insanity. But the mayor is rejecting Trump’s help, instead pushing more violations of your Second Amendment rights.

Democrats never learn. The horror unfolding in blue cities is entirely their fault. They made it so police departments lacked training and skill, leading to deaths like George Floyd’s. They fanned the flames of hate by saying “systemic racism” is to blame. Democrats even encouraged riots by funding extremist groups, bailing out rioters, telling cops to back down, and calling the criminals “peaceful protesters.”

And then, of course, they defund the police even more.

Democrats even complained when Trump sent in federal law enforcement. I suppose they prefer Antifa and BLM over trained officers sworn to uphold the Constitution?

That seems to be the case in Chicago. Weeks ago, Mayor Lightfoot refused to let federal authorities end the surging violence. Now, the city is in chaos after a night of unchecked rioting. Today, the mayor continues to reject federal help.

Instead, she is calling for more gun control.

I kid you not.

Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) rejected calls for federal HOPE response to the looting and violence overnight in Chicago, opting instead to push for more gun control…

A reporter asked Mayor Lightfoot about Illinois House Republican Jim Durkin’s calls for the National Guard and others to step in and restore order. She responded by making clear she does not want “federal troops” in Chicago. Rather, she wants more gun control…

“We cannot continue to have circumstances where anybody and their brother can go across the border, or into other parts of Illinois, and bring illegal guns into the city of Chicago.” [Source: Breitbart]

Lies, lies, lies. I’d like to thank whoever’s hypnotized Democrats into thinking this kind of insanity will win them the election. Because the left has finally fallen off the deep end.

Criminals who shoot at cops do not get their guns “across the border” or from other parts of the state. They get them from the gangs that run the city. Gun control laws do not stop criminals from getting their hands on guns. They only make sure law-abiding citizens cannot protect themselves, when criminals come after them.

Lightfoot, like most dishonest Democrats, assumes that criminals can cross the border to get guns, but not law-abiding citizens.

If that were the case, many Chicago residents would be able to arm themselves. But they can’t. Why aren’t these folks getting guns from outside the city? The fact remains criminals are arming themselves while law-abiding citizens are sheep for the slaughter.

This statement also ignores the fact that these rioters are not using guns. They are smashing up store windows, setting cars on fire, and assaulting anyone who gets in their way. Rioters don’t need guns to destroy a city. They just need the backing of leftists donors and city leaders who prevent cops from doing their job.

Chicago doesn’t need the federal government to clean up this mess. It needs to wake up to the fact that Lightfoot and the rest of her clan are scum. They are empowering criminals and dooming regular citizens. The people of the city need to oust losers like Lightfoot and elect leaders who actually care about law and order. It’s as simple as that.

But until they are willing to do that, let them suffer the consequences.

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