Citizens Make Bold Move To Overthrow Far-Left Mayor

As violent riots seem to subside across the nation, large protests continue in major cities. New York has faced the brunt of the looting and damage, with even the governor condemning Mayor de Blasio’s utter lack of leadership. Former Mayor Rudy Giuliani called for de Blasio’s resignation. And he’s not the only one.

President Trump was good to his word when he said he would step in and end the violence. After nearly a week of riots, looting, and life-threatening danger, American enjoyed a relatively peaceful Monday night. There were still some random spurts of violence, but across the country we only saw demonstrations protesting the death of George Floyd.

But the country limps along, trying to clean up the damage of Antifa-fueled destruction. Black-owned businesses have been destroyed. Police precincts have burned to the ground. Livelihoods have been decimated (this, after months of stagnating lockdowns). All because Democrat leaders refused to let their cops do their job—and send in the National Guard when needed.

New York City was one of the worst hit. After reeling from COVID-19 and months of lockdowns, the city got to watch as bussed-in Antifa thugs destroyed downtown Manhattan. The president called on local leaders to quickly end the violence. Yet Mayor Bill de Blasio did nothing. Even Gov. Cuomo criticized the mayor. Rudy Giuliani is demanding his resignation.

After nights of riots, a peaceful protest was held. And even the protestors want de Blasio gone!

As unrest continued throughout the United States on Tuesday night, protesters filling the streets of Manhattan called on New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio to resign from office…

Video footage from Tuesday night shows hundreds of protestors chanting, “DeBlasio resign! DeBlasio resign!”

The calls for the New York City mayor to resign come after Democratic New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo criticized de Blasio’s response to the rioting.

“First, the NYPD and the mayor did not do their job last night,” Cuomo said. “I believe that.” [Source: Daily Caller]

For these protestors to call for the mayor’s resignation suggests these are not the same people who tried to destroy the city. These are possibly just peaceful New Yorkers, outraged that the mayor let vandals and looters wreak havoc across their communities.

Bill de Blasio, for his part said, “To hell with all of them.” Seriously, that’s a quote. He refused to let cops do their jobs and rejected Trump’s offer of National Guardsmen. When he was confronted over his total lack of leadership, he lashed out as if it was someone else’s fault.

Sorry, Bill, but you’re the mayor of the city. It was your first duty to protect it from violent riots. These weren’t peaceful New Yorkers protesting George Floyd’s death. You yourself admitted (like everyone else) these were coordinated outsiders who used the protests as a pretense for violence.

So, why didn’t you stop them? Why didn’t the mayor use the great NYPD—who faced 9/11 bravely—to put down punk teenagers with bricks? Why didn’t de Blasio do everything in his power to stop the destruction of one of our greatest cities?

Because he’s a loser. Like most Democrats who sat by and let their cities burn, he is too cowardly to confront crime. He feared the media would call him racist, so he let mostly white Antifa members destroy New York.

That’s not the kind of leadership we need now, or ever. For protesters to demand him to resign, means that just about everyone wants Bill gone. And I can tell you one thing, every city reeling from destruction is thinking the exact same thing about their mayor.

If you sat back and let your cities burn, you need to resign. If you refused Trump’s offer of the National Guard, you need to resign.

These Democrats let black businesses, homes, and churches burn. They failed and they cannot lead ever again.

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