CNN Exploits Children In Anti-Trump Political Tactic

By Ian Hanchett September 30th, 2020 | Image Source: Resist the Mainstream

During CNN’s coverage of Tuesday’s presidential debate, host Jake Tapper stated that he received a text from one of his friends that their sixth-grade daughter burst into tears and had to run to bed because the girl was “so appalled” by President Donald Trump’s behavior.

Tapper said that everyone on the panel is “getting text messages from friends all over the country. A friend of mine, in Kansas City, watching her first debate with her sixth-grade daughter, daughter bursts into tears, has to run to bed. Because she was so appalled, this sixth-grade girl, at what she saw from the president of the United States. We all want to dive into the substance, but it’s almost difficult to get there.”

(h/t Daily Caller News Foundation)

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Author: Ian Hanchett

Source: Breitbart: CNN’s Tapper: A Friend Texted Me That Her Daughter Burst Into Tears Because of Trump’s Behavior

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