CNN Hack Blames Trump Supporters For Violence — President Destroys Her With 5 Words

By Samantha Chang September 2nd, 2020 | Image Source: Heavy

President Trump fired back at CNN’s Kaitlan Collins after the homophobic blogger blamed Trump supporters for the left-wing violence that erupted following George Floyd’s May 25 death.

At a White House press conference, Trump condemned the riots by Black Lives Matter and Antifa thugs that have been ravaging Portland for the past 94 days.

Last weekend, self-confessed Antifa/BLM supporter Michael Reinoehl shot and killed Trump supporter Aaron Danielson (a.k.a. – Jay Bishop).

Danielson was a Blue Lives Matter advocate and a member of the conservative activist group Patriot Prayer.

The President also blasted Joe Biden for refusing to denounce the murder and the nonstop left-wing violence.

That’s when Kaitlan asked: “Do you also want to take this chance to condemn what your supporters did in Portland?”

Collins was parroting the latest Democratic talking point, which is to shift the blame for the leftist riots on Trump supporters.

The President fired back: “YOUR supporters — and they are your supporters indeed — shot a young gentleman and killed him. Not with paint, but with a bullet. It’s disgraceful.”

President Trump then tried to field questions from other reporters. But Collins rudely shouted out questions about Kyle Rittenhouse, a 17-year-old who allegedly shot two men in self-defense during the Black Lives Matter riots in Kenosha, Wisconsin last weekend.

Trump said he was looking into the situation, which is being investigated by law enforcement officials.

White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany said Democrats have adopted the new talking point of blaming Trump supporters for the violence committed by the Left because the riots crashed Joe Biden’s poll numbers.

“That’s like the arsonist blaming the firefighter,” said McEnany, an attorney who graduated from Harvard Law School.

Reminder: Kaitlan Collins has a history of homophobia, and repeatedly mocked someone as a “f*g” and said she was uncomfortable rooming with a lesbian while attending the University of Alabama.

Let that sink in: Kaitlan was born and raised in the Deep South, which CNN routinely mocks as “illiterate” hicks.

This is CNN.

After more than 90 days of stoking a race war with its anti-police, anti-white rhetoric, CNN and Democrats now want to blame Trump supporters for the left-wing riots that have decimated Democrat-run cities.

CNN and leftists falsely assume that if you bend the knee to left-wing mobs, they’ll be satisfied. But CNN learned the hard way that appeasing leftist thugs only emboldens them to demand total capitulation.

In May, CNN’s Atlanta headquarters was ransacked by Black Lives Matter rioters, who shouted: “F*ck CNN!”

In response to the violence, rapper Killer Mike (an Atlanta native) said CNN had only itself to blame for the riots.

Killer Mike said: “I love CNN. But what I’d like to say to CNN right now is: Karma’s a mother. STOP FEEDING FEAR AND ANGER EVERY DAY! Stop making people so fearful. Give them hope!”

Author: Samantha Chang

Source: Biz Pac Review: Trump rips CNN reporter for blaming his supporters for violence: YOUR supporters killed a man!

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