CNN Sides With Trump, Calls Out Biden’s Biggest Weakness

By Virginia Kruta October 1st, 2020 | Image Source: Daily Caller

CNN’s John King said Wednesday that Hunter Biden was a potential “weakness” for his father, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden.

“I’ll call it out, he’s a swamp creature,” King said, adding that Hunter Biden had traded on his family name in order to get certain jobs and to make money.

King was responding to a clip from Tuesday evening’s presidential debate — moderated by “Fox News Sunday” host Chris Wallace — which showed President Donald Trump pivoting from Biden’s comment about his late son Beau Biden to an attack on Hunter Biden.

“The former vice president, Dan, went on to say he hopes it’s not about either family — the Trump family or the Biden family — but it’s about the two candidates and their policies,” King said, turning to his guest, The Washington Post’s Dan Balz.

“But Hunter Biden, in many ways, is a weakness for the former vice president because of his work,” King continued. “He was a — I’ll call it out — he’s a swamp creature, like many people, trading on his family name to make money around the world. But the way the president handled that, did he, as Dana notes, actually give the vice president a way to come at that from a different perspective?”

Balz went on to criticize the president for not showing empathy, saying, “If he wanted to make a pivot, he could have said something about Beau Biden, but instead he was so intent on bringing up Hunter Biden and trying to drive that, but step back for a minute. In a country going through the problems that this country is going through, the idea that Hunter Biden becomes a central part of the president’s message in the campaign is quite astounding.”

Author: Virginia Kruta

Source: Daily Caller: ‘I’ll Call It Out’: CNN’s John King Says Hunter Biden Is ‘A Swamp Creature’

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