Democrat AG Makes Pre-Election Boast – But Quickly Regrets It

Democrats have been making all kinds of boasts about the outcome of today’s election. They seem to think they know what is going to happen before it happens. Or are they admitting they are going to try to cheat? The polls have said Biden would win for months—but now are “tightening” up as the election is happening. It seems Democrats are simply blowing hot air.

Every leftist from Pelosi to Cuomo has made predictions about the election. Few of them should be trusted, given how wrong they’ve been about everything, all the time. Remember, this is the same party who continues to blame the 2016 on Russian collusion—even though a federal investigation proved nothing like that has happened.

It seems Democrats are in the business of—not leading—but spreading their version of reality. They have become fairy tale-makers, hoping their lies will influence enough people to become a reality.

That must have been what Pennsylvania’s AG was trying to do when over the weekend he made a wild claim about the election. Now, he is quietly trying to roll it back. Hmm, must have seen something that woke him up?

Late Monday afternoon, on the eve of the presidential election, Pennsylvania Attorney General Josh Shapiro, a Democrat, suddenly backed down from his boast on Saturday that Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden would win the state…

Shapiro meekly submitted this tweet: “In Pennsylvania, we know how to follow the law and run our elections. We’ve done it for centuries. People vote. We add up all the eligible votes. And we the people pick the president.”

National Republican Senatorial Committee advisor Matt Whitlock noticed that Shapiro was suddenly blanching, prompting him to tweet, “A bit of a different tone than when you suggested the race was already over. Which somehow @Twitter let stand even though it violates their rules for misinformation that could potentially suppress votes.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Pennsylvania has become a major battleground this election, probably because Biden knows he can’t win without it. But given his horrible track record—and Trump’s stellar success—it seems unlikely Biden can win it easily.

That’s doubly the case ever since Biden has promised to end our oil industry. He has taken a very left-wing stance on energy this entire year, following Obama’s footsteps to end coal, fracking, and now oil. That’s not what the blue-collar folks in PA want to hear, who depend on the industry to live.

Plenty of evidence suggests Trump will win the state, as he did in 2016. But various polls (once again, polls made by left-wing sources) claim Biden—a man who has failed for 47 years—will win the state easily.

But let me ask you this: why would the Democrat AG make such a wild claim, if he was confident they would win? There’s an old saying, you don’t count your chickens before they hatch. Everything we’ve seen from Democrats these days suggests they are growing extremely desperate and are saying anything to discourage Trump voters from going to the polls.

Their actions remind us of the kind of propaganda a losing army spreads as they retreat. Even as defeat loomed over them, they push harder and harder that they are winning. Sorry, Dems, but the massive juggernaut of Trump supporter doesn’t mirror your suppression polls and fake news.

It’s not a surprise why Shapiro backed down last night. He realized that A) Twitter might hit him for predicting the results three days before the election, and B) Trump will win the state and he doesn’t want to look like an idiot.

Too late, Shapiro. And we all know it.

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