Democrat Governor Caves To Trump — Makes Drastic Change To Lockdown

Last week, President Trump declared that houses of worship were essential, requiring states to allow them to open. This comes after months of conflict between churches and Democrat leaders, who refused to let Americans practice their First Amendment rights. Now, one of the biggest liberal states has been forced to make a major change.

Throughout the COVID-19 panic, we’ve seen Democrats take one shocking step after another. Perhaps the worst has been their treatment of churches and other religious groups. From state to state, we’ve seen our governments shut down worship services, fine churchgoers, even arrest pastors. In New York, the mayor himself confronted a group of devout Jews who were trying to bury a beloved rabbi.

During the virus lockdowns, states have allowed liquor stores and abortion clinics to remain open, but not houses of worship. This situation has revealed just what Democrats really deem “essential” during a time of crisis. Certainly, it’s not houses of faith and prayer.

President Trump had enough and took unprecedented steps to protect Americans First Amendment rights.

“The governors need to do the right thing and allow these very important essential places of faith to open right now–for this weekend,” Trump said. “If they don’t do it, I will override the governors.”

The president added, “In America, we need more prayer, not less.” [Source: Fox News]

The president declared houses of worship essential, requiring the states to allow them to open. A pretty reasonable request. As we see cases of the disease drop dramatically, most states have been reopening at a steady pace. Restaurants and bars are opening up, as are many other businesses. But churches can’t? Why are we able to safely go get something to eat, but not worship or pray?

The mayor of Chicago appears to be defying the president’s order, refusing to lift her ban on churches. But in one super liberal state, the governor is bending to the demands of the president and local residents.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom on Monday released guidelines for reopening houses of worship amid the coronavirus pandemic, after President Trump deemed them “essential” last week…

The new guidance still encouraged organizations to continue online services and activities and to implement measures to protect older adults and people with pre-existing conditions. [Source: Fox News]

Gov. Newsom set a bunch of bogus rules for churches, in order for them to open, but the deed is done. He has been forced to back down on his previous stance that churches must remain closed.

At this point, we should no longer be terrified that COVID-19 will end all life as we know it. All the disinfecting and social distancing in the world doesn’t matter by now. Most agree that we simply need to focus on protecting the most vulnerable—the elderly—and get back to normal.

States that continue unreasonable lockdown measures, or requiring cumbersome or offensive rules aren’t doing it to protect their population. It’s a sign that their state and local leaders are either power hungry or totally incompetent.

Many conservative states were quick to reopen way back in April. The governors of Florida and Georgia were slammed for their plans to end their lockdowns early. But guess what? Cases of the disease in both states shrunk dramatically, after they reopened. Wonder why? Because their leaders took a strategic approach to protect nursing homes and other vulnerable populations. They saved lives because they were brave and smart enough to make the right choices.

Democrat states, on the other hand, prolonged the lockdowns well into May and June. Is it a coincidence that these states have seen higher cases and deaths?

This probably won’t be the last time Trump has to intervene to end this crisis. We can’t count on pathetic, cowardly local leaders to do the right thing. Hopefully, he moves fast to get us back on track.

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