Democrat Mayor Finally Does What’s Right – Then This Happens

Through all the upheaval and criminality going on in Seattle, the one thing you could have counted on was the mayor’s failure to act. She allowed anarchists to overrun a section of the city. She ignored the victims of CHAZ/CHOP, only acting when her home was threatened. But finally, she did the right thing and vetoed a bill to defund the police. But the city council struck back.

We’ve gone over the insanity of the left defunding the police. Even in Minneapolis, the radical city council who wanted to outright abolish the police now suffer as their chickens come home to roost. The major rise in crime has forced the very same people who wanted cops gone to demand, “Where are all the cops?”

It would be ironic, if not horribly infuriating.

For most of the Summer, Democrats have called for the defunding of police departments. But that seemed to subside by late August, as they watched their polls slip. Suddenly, Democrats like Pelosi and Biden who once condemned the police and encourage riots were criticizing the violence. Although they did nothing to confront Antifa or Black Lives Matter.

But we knew that was all talk, right? The moment the news shifted to something else, the left was back on their “defund the police” racket. In Seattle, which suffered some of the worst rioting and crime, the city was trying to push a bill to slash the police’s budget, up to 50%. To the surprise of everyone, the mayor actually vetoed the bill. Then the radical city council fought back.

Seattle’s City Council voted 7-2 Tuesday evening to override Mayor Jenny Durkan’s veto of a bill that would cut police funding by around $3 million.

“We cannot look away from this and we can no longer accept the status quo if we truly believe that Black lives matter,” Council President Lorena Gonzalez said, according to

The bill would also remove as many as 100 officers from various police units and limit staff pay to $150,000, The Seattle Times reported.

The council said the bill was a “downpayment” toward its effort to ultimately defund the department by 50%, which would likely happen next year. [Source: Fox News]

It seems the idiotic city council of Seattle cares more about signaling their support for terrorist group Black Lives Matter, than defending the safety of its citizens. I’m shocked these numbskulls haven’t been paying attention to what’s been going on in Minneapolis. Every last city council member who voted to defund the police are now getting hell from residents. It won’t go well for them next election.

But what does the Seattle city council do? The exact same thing, which will lead to the exact same results.

Have these people been paying attention to Portland? Don’t they realize that you can’t have a civilization and no cops at the same time? Seattle’s city council wants to slash the police budget by 50% next year.

Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen then? A city once prized for its culture and community will become worse than Detroit or Baltimore, mark my words.

But these Democrats don’t care. In fact, this was part of the plan all along. They want our communities in ruins, because it makes it that much easier to install socialism onto the country. When Americans are safe and prosperous, they don’t want the government controlling their lives. But when there is even a whiff of a threat of poverty or crime (or a virus), people are more than willing to become slaves to the far-left.

Every city that wants or has tried to defund police are working toward the same goals: a weak, pathetic America that is overrun with crime—both from thugs and out-of-control government.

You know the only person that can stop them.

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