Democrat Scheme to Register Dead Voters Foiled

For years, Democrats have dismissed Trump’s warnings that voter fraud is real. I’m sure you’ve seen ample proof that they are lying. Attempts at voter fraud go on all over the country, especially in red states certain people try to flip blue. Often, we discovered teams of people who try to manipulate the system—and face serious consequences.

It’s rare that we learn about voter fraud schemes in blue states, though. Is it because the mostly-Democrat leadership turns a blind eye? Or is it because Republicans, although eager to win and flip seats, won’t stoop to cheating?

This year, concerns have risen as mail-in ballots were pushed by Democrats. We know that voting in person is just as safe as going to the grocery store (safer even, considering all the measures in place). So, why have Democrats been pushing vote by mail for months, when we know that it’s far from secure?

Ballots have been lost or destroyed. Some people who request ballots never receive them. And many that are sent back never reach the elections office. That has caused many Americans to worry about just how much fraud is going on?

The media continues to pretend it’s just a fantasy cooked up by Trump. They’ll have a hard time ignoring this.

An attempt to register dead people to vote in Broward County, Florida reportedly was uncovered, but no mail-in ballots were sought nor used through the fraud.

The South Florida Sun Sentinel reported that someone in South Carolina earlier this year dispatched more than 50 voter applications featuring the same clean handwriting to the Florida county’s elections office, and that some of those individuals are dead.

Assistant State Attorney Tim Donnelly in a letter indicated that the applications “appear to have been written by the same person,” the outlet reported.

While most of the applications were deemed suspicious, a few made it onto the county’s voter rolls. [Source: Just the News]

Broward County, huh? You might remember this as the scene of the Parkland school shooting. It’s also one of the most liberal counties in Florida—in which a ballot-harvesting scheme was thwarted during the 2018 election.

It’s no coincidence that this scheme was happening in this country. An out-of-state address was trying to harvest numerous ballots, hoping that in a left-wing county, the officials wouldn’t look too hard. Voter fraud often involves dead citizens, because they won’t notice if someone stole their vote. Election boards are frequently criticized for not updating their rolls often enough, leading to these situations.

While it’s good that his particular scheme was caught, we have plenty of questions. Is this under investigation? Someone from South Carolina was clearly trying to commit voter fraud in another state. That should spark the concerns of the federal government, right? Is this person going to be found out and arrested? We’d at least like to know if they were working with someone.

And if this is the scheme that was found out—what about others that have slipped under the radar? How many attempts have there been to harvest ballots of dead people? How many have gotten away with it?

Fifty doesn’t sound like a big number, but many elections are determined by just a handful of votes. Not a single instance of voter fraud should be tolerated.

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