Democrats Reject Coronavirus Bill Again — Demand These Left-Wing Fantasies While Americans Suffers

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Democrats have released their version of the coronavirus bill and one thing is now clear – they are using the coronavirus pandemic as an opportunity to push unrelated political agendas.

The two sides failed to reach an agreement again on Monday on what would provide relief to American businesses and families after Democrats hijacked the bill to load it with completely unrelated liberal wants.

On the Senate floor shortly after noon on Monday, Majority Leader Mitch McConnell lit into Democrats, specifically alleging they were trying to extract concessions from airlines over their “carbon footprint,” with the economy hanging in the balance.

“They ought to be embarrassed,” he said. “This is no time for this nonsense.”

One senior republican aide said, “As Leader Schumer continues to hold up the desperately-needed relief package, the last-minute list of demands from Pelosi’s and Schumer’s ideological wish list are coming into focus.”

These include new collective bargaining powers for unions, higher fuel emissions standards for airlines, and expanded wind and solar tax credits… seriously?

Sen. Tom Cotton said it best on Twitter Monday when he confirmed the reports.

“Pelosi & Schumer are willing to risk your life, your job, your retirement savings for a radical, left-wing wish list that has nothing to do with this virus,” Cotton said. “Disgraceful.”

Last week that House Majority Whip Jim Clyburn had reportedly told colleagues that the bill provided “a tremendous opportunity to restructure things to fit our vision.”

Clyburn’s comments came during a conference call last Thursday featuring more than 200 Democrats, in which House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Sen. Minority Leader Chuck Schumer allegedly pushed for environmental measures and increased collective bargaining powers to be included in the stimulus package.

McConnell warned against using the “Phase 3” coronavirus relief package as a political opportunity.

“That’s not what this is about,” McConnell said. “This is not about unrelated policy changes, this is about direct assistance to the American people and to small businesses and to hospitals and others who are in need because we in government at all levels, in order to deal with this pandemic, have basically shut the economy down.”

The new Democratic demands arose after House Speaker Nancy Pelosi returned to Washington, D.C. from a weeklong House recess.

At that point Pelosi said the House would introduce their own bill as she was reportedly seeking a “laundry list” of items to be included such as:

  1. Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance.
  2. Bailing out all current debt of postal service
  3. Required early voting
  4. Required same day voter registration
  5. 10k bailout for student loans
  6. For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers
  7. Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining
  8. Full offset of airline emissions by 2025
  9. Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights
  10. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees
  11. $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance
  12. Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance

Rep. Dan Crenshaw is calling on Americans to hold the Democrats “accountable” for having “torpedoed” a bipartisan COVID-19 emergency bill that provides crucial funds in a dire time.

“Democrats torpedoed a bipartisan emergency bill that: -Provides payroll & rent for small business -Credit to businesses across America to keep them afloat – Cash in American’s pockets – unemployment benefits,” the republican from Texas wrote. “They have no good reasons. Just partisanship. Call your reps NOW.”

“Do Dems want a recession? A depression? How can they justify this?” he asked in a follow-up tweet. “This bill is critical for the livelihood of millions. Our country will be devastated without immediate help. Dems can lie all they want about ‘helping workers’ but now they are destroying their lives.”

“I am not one to make hyperbolic statements,” Crenshaw continued. “But what Senate Democrats have done is truly awful. This bill was negotiated in good faith. Been monitoring its progress all week. It can save our economy. And they killed it. Out of spite and bitterness. Hold Dems accountable.”

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