Democrats Speechless As Trump Gets New Support In Chicago

By Andrew Mark Miller July 24th, 2020 | Image Source: News Search Engine

The family of a 13-year-old Chicago girl killed by gun violence supports President Trump’s decision to send federal agents to the city to restore order.

“Nope. After what happened to my sister, not one,” Amarie Jones’s sister, Mercedes, said Wednesday when asked if she has a problem with the president’s move to mobilize 200 federal officers to Chicago to help stem the violence. “Nope, not at all.”

“What have we come to? All this killing. What is it helping?” she added.

President Trump acknowledged Amarie, who was killed by a stray bullet, during an address Wednesday focused on combating gun violence.

“Perhaps no citizens have suffered more from the menace of violent crime than the wonderful people of Chicago — a city I know very well,” Trump said during his address. “At least 414 people have been murdered in the city this year, a roughly 50 percent increase over last year. More than 1,900 people have been shot. These are numbers that aren’t even to be believed.”

Murders and shootings in the city rose by nearly 80% in June, and 15 people were hurt when a shooting erupted at a gathering outside a funeral home on Tuesday.

Chicago’s mayor, Democrat Lori Lightfoot, has been criticized for her response to the violence, which she has blamed on too many guns on the streets. Her leadership, along with others, was criticized by the president during the Wednesday address.

“But we must remember that the job of policing a neighborhood falls on the shoulders of local elected leadership,” Trump said. “We can never forget that. When they abdicate their duty, the results are catastrophic.”

Mayor Lightfoot tweeted on Tuesday that “under no circumstances” will she allow federal agents into Chicago and added on Thursday that Trump is engaging in a “sexist” campaign by sending them.

Author: Andrew Mark Miller

Source: Washington Examiner: Family of 13-year-old killed by stray bullet in Chicago supports Trump move to send federal agents

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