Democrats Sweating After Biden’s Campaign Finances Exposed

For much of the 2020 election, Donald Trump and the GOP have been beating Democrats in fundraising. Last month, though, the media made a big deal about a sudden surge in cash Joe Biden’s campaign received. But they have been silent on where all that cash came from. Now, a new report reveals which campaign is actually getting support from real Americans.

We know that cash isn’t the final word on a campaign. After all, Hillary Clinton reportedly had $2 billion in 2016, only to lose to Donald Trump. What’s actually more telling than hard cash is where the cash is coming from.

While our country has somewhat strict rules about how much money an individual can donate to a campaign directly, the rich donors always find ways to get around it. Super PACS and other groups often funnel cash from big donors into the campaign. So, even though there is a limit to how much a campaign can get, Democrats always managed to rake in serious dough.

Last month, the media went crazy when Joe Biden suddenly pulled in more money than Trump. They suddenly forgot that Biden was way behind for months—and only managed to catch up in August. That seems to suggest that Americans are finally rallying behind Biden, right, and are putting their money into his campaign?

Not exactly.

Trump raised $229.5 million among small donors compared to Biden’s $139 million, according to latest Center For Responsive Politics data. Biden has raised slightly more money ($187.3 million) than Trump ($183.9 million) among big donors. Trump and Republicans overall have outpaced Biden in total fundraising, with $505.4 million compared to $478.9 million…

Large donations comprise a bigger chunk of the overall money raised by Biden than Trump. This trend could fit into Trump’s electoral argument that Biden is beholden to large, global corporations, while Trump is a fighter for the working and middle classes. [Source: Just the News]

This should be headline news for every American. While the media is gushing about how much money Biden raised last month, they ignore the fact that most of it came from large donors. While Trump has—for years—led in small-dollar donations. If you compare the totals, that means more people are giving to Trump’s campaign than Biden’s. Many more.

Not only that, but it took a few massive donations to Biden’s campaign for him to finally catch up with Trump’s endless small-dollar donations. Not only does that suggest that more Americans are eager to see Trump re-elected, but that Biden is only getting support from rich Hollywood celebrities, heartless corporations (who want him to ships jobs away from America), and—perhaps—foreign entities.

(There is a cap on how much money can come from outside America, but plenty of cash still flows in.)

This goes along with what we’ve been seeing for months. Joe Biden lacks an enthusiastic base among American voters. Wherever Trump or Mike Pence goes, there are lines of people eager to greet them. Even if a rally is not planned, Americans come out of the woodwork to stand alongside roads to just catch a glimpse of the presidential motorcade.

When Biden does emerge from his basement, nobody shows up. Recent “events” have shown that few people gather—or even care. The only presence is the media, who get paid to be there. To think that voter enthusiasm for Biden is even remotely close to Trump’s, you have to ignore the last four years and everything the president’s accomplished.

What’s also troubling is when you realize that, since Biden’s cash is coming from corrupt powerful entities, he will most likely bow to their whims. If these people are dishing out millions to his campaign, you know they expect something in return. The man who keeps pretending to want to put Americans first, will do no such thing.

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