Democrats Who Condemned “Reopen” Protests Are Applauding Riots

When Americans peacefully gathered in early Spring to demand an end to the lockdowns, Democrat mayors and governors attacked them. These leaders claimed protestors were “jeopardizing” the health of citizens. Yet now, as rioters and looters sweep over our cities, Democrats applaud their actions. The double standard once again reveals Democrats’ hypocrisy.

Huh. Remember, just a month ago, when peaceful Americans gathered across the nation to demand an end to their states’ lockdowns? Americans were suffering, unable to work or open their businesses. So, they obeyed the law to peacefully gather—many of them social distanced and wore masks—to petition their local governments to reopen.

Democrat leaders had a collective panic attack. They accused these peaceful demonstrators for “killing” their friends and neighbors. Democrats criticized Americans for wanting their jobs back. The media was quick to suggest these people were being selfish and cruel and that their protesting would spread the virus.

Jump to today, after we’ve watched days of violent rioting across major U.S. cities. Obviously, the violent protestors don’t give a rat’s ass about COVID-19. They’re not “socially distancing” when they smash open store windows and loot stores. And they are only wearing masks to hide their identity. Even during peaceful demonstrations, few are abiding by the CDC’s recommended guidelines.

So, what are Democrat leaders saying to them? Oh, something much different.

The coronavirus lockdown is seemingly down and out, as many Democrats in charge of big cities — including several who once insisted on strict quarantine measures — line up to champion the nationwide mass demonstrations over the in-custody death of George Floyd, sans social distancing.

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo lashed out at protesters calling to reopen the state earlier this month, saying at a news conference, “you have no right to jeopardize my health … and my children’s health and your children’s health.”

… On Friday, though, Cuomo said he “stands” with those defying stay-at-home orders: “Nobody is sanctioning the arson, and the thuggery and the burglaries, but the protesters and the anger and the fear and the frustration? Yes. Yes, and the demand is for justice.” [Source: Fox News]

Democrat leaders who, a month ago, were attacking Jewish funerals, fining church goers, and sending barbers to jail are now in lockstep with looters and vandalizers. Not one of them is condemning those involved in the riots for “jeopardizing” the health of their neighbors.

Keep in mind, these aren’t peaceful protestors who are simply asking for their freedoms back. These are criminals who are using the pretense of a man’s death to burn their cities. With them are radical activists who simply want to destroy America. Yet these Democrats are neither condemning their message, nor do they seem upset these rioters aren’t abiding by “social distancing” rules.

Hmm… could it be that Democrats are major hypocrites? They condemned the lockdown protests, because they were the ones that instituted the lockdowns. They had to oppose those protests, making up bogus excuses, to save face.

But these riots? Democrats think they can use the riots to boost their reputations. Refusing to stop looting, vandalizing, and violence against civilians and cops, they pretend they’re supporting black Americans.

What happened to COVID? What happened to staying six feet apart? I guess that doesn’t matter to Democrats, when they have other political angles to push.

Mayors that threatened to cut off water and power to businesses that stayed open are now encouraging mass gatherings. They don’t seem worried about the disease, when they have points to score.

But this will all blow up in their faces. These riots aren’t about justice for a murdered man. They are about radical activists hurting America. If Democrats think they can ride this wave into November, they have a rude awakening in store.

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