Dems Make Astonishing ‘Natural Rights’ Transfer

Image Source: Hannity

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio found himself the center of another development scandal in the Big Apple this week; with critics blasting the far-left leader for allegedly selling “air rights” to city housing buildings to political donors.

“It may not be a bridge, but the city has something to sell you in Brooklyn — and donors to Mayor de Blasio are first in line to benefit,” reports the New York Daily News. “In what appears to be a textbook ‘pay-to-play’ move, the city is selling NYCHA development rights to builders who gave de Blasio’s campaigns nearly $20,000.”

“Air rights at the Ingersoll Houses near Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn are being sold for $25 million to Maddd Equities, whose chief Jorge Madruga gave $10,000 to Hizzoner’s scandal-plagued Campaign for One New York, plus another $5,850 for his mayoral runs, according to filings. Joy Construction, whose employees gave de Blasio’s mayoral campaigns $3,700, is co-developer on the deal,” adds the newspaper.

“It absolutely looks terrible,” Susan Lerner, executive director of good government group Common Cause, said. “It definitely violates the spirit if not the letter of our campaign finance law and it removes public assets from public control without public input.”

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Source: New York Daily News

Author: Hannity Staff

Source: Hannity: REPORT: De Blasio Selling ‘Air Rights’ to NYC Housing Developments to Political Donors, Supporters

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