Far-Left Dem Tried to Slam Trump — Now She Faces Serious Charges

Image Source: National Insiders

A group of far-left Democrat congresswomen faced-off against Donald Trump in a public feud. These women accused Trump of racism for simply calling out their bad behavior and questioning their loyalty to the United States. One of these women has refused to condemn terrorism and al Qaeda. She is polling below 10%. And now, faces serious ethics complaints.

The Democrats are having a pretty rough summer. They are trying everything they can to distract from their ongoing series of failures. One last desperate push for the Russian collusion hoax will happen today. I can give you three guesses on how that will work out.

Much of the trouble has come from four untalented, inexperienced, America-hating socialists. These women are freshmen representatives that have accomplished nothing in their short terms in office. Yet they seem to be dictating what the entire Democratic party believes and how they should behavior.

The worst of the bunch might be—not AOC—but Ilhan Omar. This is the woman who was caught slandering Jews and the nation of Israel. Yet, House Democrats were too cowardly to condemn her anti-Semitism. They taught Omar that because of her race, gender, and religion, she could get away with anything.

But that attitude has not made her popular among Americans. The Muslim refugee that once called Americans “ignorant” and recently refused to condemn terrorism is facing some big problems. After being called out by the president, she now faces numerous ethics complaints. A watchdog group is calling on the House to investigate her for immigration, marriage, tax, and student loan fraud.


Judicial Watch announced on Tuesday that it has filed an ethics complaint against Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar (MN) with the House of Representatives Office of Congressional Ethics for potential immigration, marriage, tax, and student loan fraud…

In a statement included in the release, Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton says the evidence that Omar may have violated the law is “overwhelming” and that the House is obligated to “urgently investigate and resolve the serious allegations of wrongdoing” by the freshman congresswoman. [Source: Daily Wire]

Wow. Looks like Omar was up to all kinds of dirty deeds. Judicial Watch is accusing her of committing federal and state crimes which include perjury, immigration fraud, marriage fraud, and state and federal tax fraud. Oh, and student fraud.

One of the big claims is that Omar married her biological brother in order to emigrate to America. From there, she was able to use her immigration status to acquire student loans from the U.S. government.

The State of Minnesota Campaign Finance and Public Disclosure Board had already concluded Omar violated state campaign finance laws. She is also being accused of filing a joint tax return in 2014 and 2015 with a man that was not her husband.

Isn’t it amazing? You look closely into this woman’s life—a woman who has expressed hatred for America—and all kind of ugly things come pouring out!

That’s pretty much the same for many Democrats. They build political careers out of bashing our country. They spread hate, attacking regular Americans of racism, bigotry, and sexism. These same Democrats cash in big time while in office.

But more often than out, they are found out to be frauds and criminals.

Judicial Watch is calling on the House to investigate Omar’s potential criminal background. But that might not be good enough. The Democrat-controlled House has already destroyed their reputation to protect this woman, again and again. If she is really breaking the law—in so many ways—it’s up to the president and the DOJ to investigate.

Democrats think they are above the law. Omar has proven many times she thinks she especially is above scrutiny or criticism. If she broke the law to come here, got funding from the government illegally, and broke financing and tax laws, she must face the music.

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