Far-Left Fact-Checkers Turn Against Biden In Surprising Twist

Joe Biden faced serious backlash after his “you ain’t black” comment during a recent interview. It revealed the candidates deeply-rooted bias towards the African American community. But that’s only the beginning of his troubles. Because a fact-checking website discovered numerous things wrong with what he said.

Has there even been a worse Democratic candidate for president than Joe Biden? He was weak from the start. Barack Obama allegedly told him, “You don’t have to do this.” In a sea of young and passionate candidates, the party went with an old man who can’t finish a speech when it’s written out for him.

He was quickly slammed for his “you ain’t black” comment during his recent appearance on “The Breakfast Club.” Americans connected this comment with other gaffes the man has made, building a case that the former vice president looks down on the black community.

But it turns out, there was plenty more that he said that is troubling. And even a left-leaning website had to fact check him on it.

On Wednesday, listed several false claims and exaggerations he made regarding his response to the coronavirus outbreak…

However, while “others” had sounded the alarm about the spread of the virus, noted that Biden was not one of them, pointing to campaign rally he held on March 9 in Detroit that had roughly 1,000 attendees. The site then noted that the presumptive Democratic nominee didn’t release his own plan to combat the coronavirus until March 12. [Source: Fox News]

Joe Biden claimed he was pushing social distancing in early March. proved he held an event with 1,000 people on March 9th. Biden claimed he warned of the pandemic in an op-ed in January. Oops! proved he that he didn’t warn the “pandemic’s here” in that USA Today piece.

He went on to say that he “took the lead” to find data about how the virus impacted the black community. says he “gave himself too much credit.” All Joe did was ask the Health Department to collect data from the black community.

The list keeps going. Joe claimed the NAACAP endorsed him “every time” he ran for office. But the organization itself had to release a statement, saying they do not endorse candidates.

What the hell, Joe? Is anything you say true?

This is not the first time Joe’s tried to get away with outright falsehoods. During his long career in politics, the man has made bogus claims he expects people to believe. He seems to be pathological in the way he just says stuff—with no ability to back it.

These aren’t just gaffes from silly, old Joe. It appears that the Democrat thinks he can say whatever he likes and the liberal media will either not hold him to it or cover for him. Apparently, he doesn’t realize there are these things called records that people can check.

I could go over the many times Joe has just made stuff up about himself or his rivals, but it would take much too long. It’s staggering, even for a D.C. politician. But I can say this, we shouldn’t be surprised a Democrat thinks he can get away with making up so much fiction.

The mainstream media hasn’t done its job to hold public figures accountable. It’s actually kind of surprising that even bothered to do this. The liberal bias of our media outlets has compelled them to protect Democrats at all costs. They frequently ignore actual scandals and crimes committed by the left. Democrats think they are entirely immune to reality.

Until something like the 2016 Election happens.

If Joe thinks he can keep reinventing history, he’s in for a rude awakening. That is, if he can actually wake himself up.

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