Far-Left Governor Mocked Over July 4th Ban – Here’s What Happened

In a long line of egregious violations of his peoples’ liberties, Governor Gavin Newsom of California had the gall to ban fireworks displays over the July 4th weekend. This comes after he dared to ban singing in churches—a direct violation of the First Amendment. How do you think residents responded? This is glorious.

Let’s first talk about Newsom’s insane ban on singing in churches. The First Amendment clearly states, “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof.” Congress, in this case, includes any governmental body. Gee, call me crazy, but isn’t singing praises to the Lord considered the “free exercise” of our religion? Yet this communist dictator thinks he can prevent Christians from praising God—because of bogus fearmongering over a disease.

But Comrade Newsom wasn’t finished, not by a longshot. He had the unmitigated gall to say California residents can’t shoot fireworks off during the Fourth of July! Can you believe that? Call me crazy, but I don’t think fireworks can spread a virus.

But even as this Democrat waved around his iron scepter, patriots fired back.

On July 1, California governor Gavin Newsom, speaking at a coronavirus briefing, discouraged public gatherings celebrating July 4 with fireworks as he stated, “We have worked with those counties, the 19 counties that are on our mandatory closure list, and we have made it clear privately and now we are making it more abundantly clear publicly that we believe that they should consider canceling some their fireworks shows and presentations. By the way, a number of cities have done just that. LA, San Francisco, even here at the Cal Expo, northern California, the Sacramento region, have already made that determination, so this shouldn’t come as a major surprise.” [Source: Daily Wire]

Oh really, Newsom? Video quickly went viral of a sea of fireworks going off, just in Los Angeles alone. There were so many fireworks going off across the city, all you had to do was get on your roof for the best, free, fireworks show of your life. Honestly, it probably rivaled the impressive show Trump put on a day before at Mount Rushmore.

This amazing display of civil disobedience couldn’t have come at a more appropriate moment. Just as dictators disguised as governors and mayors continue to clamp down on our freedoms (over fears of how they will look in the media), Americans are fighting back on the perfect day to do so.

America was born out of rebellion to a dictatorial empire. We fought and died to win our freedom from the oppressive King George. Yet today, Democrats (and some so-called Republicans) think they can trample on our liberties. Not because they’re worried about a disease (which continues to become less deadly by the day), but because of fear over what the media will say about them.

Democrats are robbing us of our freedom, because they are scared of losing their jobs. They are too cowardly and too weak to do the right thing and let Americans decide for themselves how to live. Instead, they ban singing in churches and have the gall to tell us not to celebrate the most important day in our country’s history.

It’s encouraging to see so many Los Angeles residents tell the mayor and governor to stuff it. The fireworks display was a powerful reminder that We the People decide our fate, not a bunch of political hacks.

Hopefully, this tide of civil disobedience will continue as we reject governments’ demand to hide in our houses, cowering in fear, and refusing to live our lives.

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