Far-Left Mayor Stunned After Radicals Boldly Turn On Him

Like numerous other Democrat leaders, the mayor of New York has bowed to the radical left’s demands. He has nullified bail. He has allowed protests and riots, unchecked. And he plans to defunding the NYPD, so that there are fewer cops on the street. But that doesn’t appear to be enough for self-proclaimed socialists. Because this is what they did at recent protest.

It’s pretty unbelievable that any of our leaders would embrace the radical violence we’ve been seeing across the country. We know this has little to do with George Floyd or the original outcries of police brutality. In recent weeks, these rioters have destroyed American monuments, with some calling for the destruction of churches. Why any Democrat would sit back and ignore this is beyond me.

Sure, some of them wanted to appear to be allies to Black Lives Matter. But when these criminals burn down your cities—and you do nothing—shouldn’t Democrats be held accountable?

Hell, in New York, Mayor de Blasio bends over backwards to appease these thugs. He’s been painting the streets, letting them riot and loot, and is even planning on slashing the police’s budget. Yet despite all his pathetic pandering, this is what he gets in return.

Protesters in New York City took direct aim at Democratic Mayor Bill de Blasio, accusing him of being a “pathogenic politician” among other things.

One protester who was part of the NYC Democratic Socialists of America march took the microphone and announced that they were going to “put Bill de Blasio on trial today.”

He went on to call de Blasio “a pathetic, a pitiful, a parasitic, a pathogenic politician,” garnering cheers and applause from the gathered crowd.

Another speaker at the march called for “at least a $3 billion decrease to the police budget — far more than some other protesters at City Hall, who are asking for at least $1 billion,” the Daily Caller’s Shelby Talcott reported. [Source: Daily Caller]

This is why you NEVER bend the knee to radical leftists. De Blasio was already willing to take a billion dollars from the police budget and give it to “young people,” i.e.: Black Lives Matter. In return, these thugs call him a parasite.

It will never be enough for radical anarchists who hate our country and way of life. This was never about ending police brutality or “systemic racism.” This was about a group of commies who are using unrest to tear down our society. They want to destroy anything that resembles the America we know—and replace it with their brand of radical Marxism.

I’ve been saying it from the start and time and again I’m proven right.

Mayor de Blasio has been terrible since he entered office. Regular New Yorkers hate him. The NYPD despise him. Now, he has the radical left at his throat. Can’t this guy do anything right?

But we really shouldn’t put all the blame on this one, pathetic Democrat. ALL Democrats are responsible for the current crisis. They are the ones who sat back and let these riots spread. They fanned the flames of hate and outrage. They even bailed out rioters so they could go back to it!

Clearly, the left thought this stunt would help them win in November. But it’s backfired tremendously. They hoped that if they let their rabid dogs off the chain, it would doom Donald Trump. Instead, they are getting all the blame for the destruction, violence, crime, and vandalism.

The only solution will be when Americans stopped electing these clowns and vote for leaders who respect law and order. Until that time happens, New York and every blue state will continue to burn.

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