FBI Reveals What’s Really On Biden’s Laptop

The media has done everything in its power to ignore, distract, or deflect from the bombshell that is Hunter’s laptop. But the story still reached the public. And it’s only heating up. Shocking revelations came out from the emails and content found on the computer. Democrats keep trying to pretend like it isn’t real. But a new report throws heavy weight behind the laptop’s accuracy. All thanks to the FBI.

We can’t be certain the FBI will do anything about what was found on Hunter’s laptop. I wouldn’t be right to get into everything that was allegedly found on the computer (some of it would turn your stomach), but even the tip of the iceberg would put men away for years.

Emails suggest the Joe Biden not only knew about Hunter’s business dealings (proving he was lying) but that he was profiting from payouts from China. This is more than bombshell news. It should be enough to indict both Joe and his son (not to mention many others).

That’s really the reason the media is trying to cover this up. Not because they think it’s “Russian disinformation” but because they know their kind. Democrats have a long history of breaking the rules (and the law) to enrich themselves. The media has been complicit in cover it up for decades. But these days, it’s getting harder and harder for them to get away with it.

More fuel was thrown on the fire when the laptop was handed over to the FBI. Now, we are discovering the FBI was already aware of it back in 2019, with a subpoena that all but confirmed the emails are real.

A laptop allegedly belonging to Democrat presidential nominee Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, was reportedly subpoenaed by the FBI late last year in connection to a money laundering investigation, according to documents obtained by Fox News.

The documents were reportedly confirmed as being authentic by multiple federal law enforcement officials and by “two separate government officials.”

… One government source told the network that “[t]he FBI cannot open a case without predication, so they believed there was predication for criminal activity. This means there was sufficient evidence to believe that there was criminal conduct.” [Source: Daily Wire]

The FBI’s actions in subpoenaing the laptop last year are further evidence that the content on it is real. The agency would not have bothered to seek out and obtain this information, had it not been credible.

We can ask why the FBI was looking at this laptop last year yet did nothing. Shouldn’t we have heard of arrests and indictments back then? Many wondering just how politicized the agency is, even under Trump. But this news is more important than that.

With public scrutiny over this story at full blast, the federal government won’t be able to just sweep it under the rug. Millions of Americans have heard about this laptop. They’ve seen the pictures of Hunter and Joe Biden. And they know about the emails. Americans will demand answers from our government agencies—and won’t stop until they get them.

The FBI and DOJ are now in a position to actually do something. More than that, Americans have to ask hard questions about this Democratic candidate—and his party. Can someone honestly vote for Joe Biden, after knowing what he was up to? And how can the Democrats push this man to be president, knowing his sketchy past with his son?

The media might blissfully sweep this under the rug, but not patriotic Americans. If we want this country to thrive, we can’t hand it over to crooks and robbers.

Joe Biden must answer for his actions. And we’re the ones to demand it from him.

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