FBI Warns America Of Heinous New Gang Pact

By Mica Soellner September 2nd, 2020 | Image Source: Fox News

The FBI issued a warning to Chicago area police about a pact among street gangs to shoot officers.

A “Potential Activity Alert,” confirmed by the Chicago Police Department, warns that gang members have been instructed to “shoot on sight any cop that has a weapon drawn on any subject in public.”

“We have been made aware of this threat by a law enforcement partner,” a Chicago police spokesperson told Fox News on Tuesday. “The Chicago Police Department takes all threats against officer safety seriously, and we will take all necessary measures to safeguard our officers.”

According to ABC7, which obtained a copy of the report, the “situational information report” from the FBI in Chicago from last Wednesday states that “members of these gang factions have been actively searching for, and filming, police officers in performance of their official duties. The purpose of which is to catch on film an officer drawing his/her weapon on any subject and the subsequent ‘shoot on-sight’ of said officer, in order to garner national media attention.”

Though it is not uncommon to alert officers of any kind of potential threat that may risk the safety of police, CPD Superintendent David Brown said the city has seen an overall “sense of lawlessness” and that the threat of danger to police is on the rise.

“I think it’s bigger than a suggestion,” Brown said. “I think 51 officers being shot at or shot in one year, I think that quadruples any previous year in Chicago’s history. So I think it’s more than a suggestion that people are seeking to do harm to cops.”

The recent alert, headlined “Pact Made by People Nation Gang Factions to ‘Shoot On-Site’ Any Police Officer with a Weapon Drawn,” lists street gangs that have been active and well-known in the Chicago area for the past five decades.

The alert comes as the country remains in unrest following the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis police custody in May and the recent police shooting of Jacob Blake in Kenosha, Wisconsin. Amid protests against police brutality and racial inequality, tension remains high, with frequent clashes between police and demonstrators in cities across the country.

Author: Mica Soellner

Source: Washington Examiner: FBI warns Chicago police of gang pact to ‘shoot on sight any cop’ with weapon drawn

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